Kildow enjoys Lincoln

The recruited walk on subject is a hot topic. The walk on program at Nebraska is another part of their tradition. Ty Kildow not only recognizes the tradition of the walk-on, but the opportunity that it is to get a chance to compete for playing time at Nebraska. Kildow was in Lincoln last weekend for an official visit and said that the visit went great.

Ty Kildow had an opportunity to visit Nebraska as an official visitor this past weekend and as a future member of the university and the football team. Kildow has agreed to walk-on at Lincoln.

"It was really nice," Kildow said. "You get there and they have everything ready to go for you. Everything that they did for us was pretty sweet.

"You got taken around by a host, you got to hang out with some of the players, you got to build that relationship with the coaches and I got to talk with Tom Osborne.

"It was really a nice experience to sit across from Tom Osborne with my parents. We sat down with Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Ted Gilmore as well."

Kildow picked up on the people recognizing who he was. There was always someone, somewhere making note of the official visitors.

"Yeah, you could tell that everyone knew who you were when we were up there. That was really nice to get a chance to experience that."

There was a good chance for Kildow to get some perspective on being a walk on. He was hosted by another walk on from the Omaha area and got to meet some others.

"My host was Mike Hays from Papillion. I got to hang out with Mike Caputo. I hung out with Brian Thorson too. It was all Omaha guys."

For walk-ons, there doesn't need to be anything signed on LOI day. However, Nebraska makes sure that they all sign something adding to the significance of walking on at Lincoln.

"There will be some type of agreement paper that we will sign on signing day. I am not sure if it means anything, necessarily, but we will sign something."

Following LOI day, Kildow hopes to get to work on the Nebraska strength program. More or less, the real lifting won't start until summer, but this gives him a head start.

"Coach James Dobson spoke to us and he said that he would give us a packet, a workout, for us to start on. It was more or less to not start bad habits."

Being from Nebraska and with the official visitors that weren't from Nebraska, Kildow made mention that he didn't think that the weather affected Eric Martin and L'Damian Washington all that much.

"I don't think so. I was with them a little bit and they were having a good time. It didn't seem to be too much of a factor to him."

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