Will make the call

If it's potential that you want then Robert Barry has it. At 6-foot-8 and 220-pounds, Barry was the quarterback for his Battle Creek (Nebr.) team as well as saw some time as a wide receiver to move him around a little bit. As a freshman and a sophomore though, he wanted to get on the field and became the starting tight end. In college, Barry looks to return to the tight end position.

Only one official visitor for Nebraska this weekend, the last weekend before signing day, and it was Robert Barry. Barry, a 6-foot-8 and 220-pound athlete from Battle Creek (Nebr.) came away impressed.

"The visit went well," Barry said. "I was able to see the academic side that I didn't really get to see on my unofficial trips and that was big for me and my parents."

This visit was as much or more for Barry's parents than it was for himself. Going into the visit this weekend he was 90-95% sure that he was going to end up a Husker.

"Oh yes, definitely. The visit really went well and I think that it assured my parents about my opportunities in Lincoln academically and athletically. I think that it really helped."

Barry had been told that he was in-line to get an offer for a tight end scholarship from South Dakota State. However, it seems that their offer is a moot point. Barry has his mind made up.

"My parents and I have been talking about it and they are happy with my decision to go to Nebraska. I haven't called Coach Ron Brown yet about it, but I am going to tonight."

Barry said that he would let Big Red Report know for sure when it was official about his commitment to walk-on at Nebraska and also what time he will be signing on Wednesday.

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