Martin commits......again?

One had to think that with snow on the ground, the wind blowing and temperatures plummeting into the single-digits, the wishes for linebacker Eric Martin to commit on his official visit to Lincoln were just that. And when he took another visit after that, this one to sunny Arizona State, wishes became perceived pipe dreams. Not anymore.

As Moreno Valley prep-linebacker Eric Martin watched the Super Bowl this last evening, he couldn't help but root for the Cardinals. They weren't supposed to be there, and as Martin noted himself, yet another Wild card "Cardinal" team made it to the ultimate game in their sport, remembering that St. Louis did it as well in major league baseball.

This Cardinal team didn't win it, however, a questionable play at the end, which was called a fumble, ultimately deciding the fate of a team which wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

"Yeah, I was rooting for them. I wanted them to win, but it was a great game to watch," Martin said.

If a Husker fan heard that he was rooting for Arizona prior to the game they would have all but signed, sealed and delivered his commit to either Arizona, the official visit Eric took before his trip to Lincoln, or Arizona State, the school he visited the week after his trek into Huskerland.

Turns out that while Martin is officially saying to everyone now, he already said it before.

"Oh, I committed on my trip to Lincoln, but I told the coaches I still wanted to go to Arizona State to see. But I said I was solid to them," Martin said. "And Arizona State is a great school with great facilities, but they got something at Nebraska which I don't know that anyone else has."

Some would joke that what Martin is talking about is "nothing", noting the sparse population of the state, the traditional success of the football team and the fact that there isn't a professional team from east to west, north to south, outside of the Omaha Royals, the AAA farm team for the Kansas City Royals and a few semi-pro Hockey teams.

It's football, and as Martin has maintained, that's what he's looking for.

"The whole state is about football. You walk around campus. You walk around town. It doesn't matter where you go, everyone is talking about football there, all the time," he said. "And the coaches all have backgrounds that tells you that football is as much their lives as it is anyone else's. That's what I wanted for me."

The intensity about the game, Martin contends, is balanced nicely at Nebraska with the demeanor of the coaches when they aren't coaching ball. It was surprising to him, at times, but no less entertaining. "You get coach Bo and coach Carl and those guys in the same room together, man, they are funny," he said. "And then you have coach (Mike) Ekeler, that guy is like Red Bull plus a monster, walking.

"I just felt really at home there, because they are good coaches, but they are also people you feel you can go to and that you know are there for you no matter what."

To talk to Martin now, he's pretty casual about it, kind of laid back, knowing that this decision is finally done. He knows where he's going to. Well, he already knew, but he just had to be sure. Now it's the time to wait, the time to think and, of course, the time where he gets ready for Signing Day coming up this week, which will be the official sign-off to his prep career and puts him on the home stretch to when his college career begins.

"It's been a long process, but I found where I wanted to be. It's not where I thought. I mean, who would have thought that I would be committing to a place that gets as cold as it does there. But this isn't about the weather," he said. "This is about me, my future and where I think I will find the best opportunities to make a big impact as a player.

"Everything said Nebraska was the best place for me."

Martin now joins Chris Williams as the only two linebackers for the class of 2009, and he is marked as the 21st commit of the class. Keep tabs here at Big Red Report as we will bring you up to date about the latest as we have just two more days until all that recruiting for 2009 comes to its official end.

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