Official Visit Update - QB/LB, Earl Everett

One of the most electrifying players in the country, it's his love of the offensive side that had him in Nebraska this last weekend. His affection for the QB position was the main reason he was here. With the depth NU has at the position right now, it's enough to make any prospective QB's mouth water. Check out the update and see what this visit to NU did for him.

Earl Everett LB-6'3-210-4.6/40-305/Bench-Bushnell, FL (South Sumter HS) Earl is in the rare position to be recruited by colleges at two major positions. He really doesn't have a favorite spot to play and now his favorites list just got a little more crowded as well.

Earl, who just returned from his trip to Nebraska, is being recruited by the Cornhuskers to play QB, while he has many offers, some from the likes of Miami and Florida, to come in and play linebacker. "Right now I think it's going to be the school I like best, not so much the position".

But does he really mean that?

I asked Earl was attracts him to the Cornhuskers and without missing a skip he said "Well, they want me as a quarterback, and I am seriously considering that." There was no mention of tradition or coaches or anything of the like. Earl likes Nebraska because he can play QB there. So maybe he does have a favorite position.

As for his trip to Nebraska Earl was impressed "I had a really good time, it's only my first, but I thought it was great. Far better than I expected."

So a good trip and they are offering him to play a position no one else is. Does this play in the Huskers favor?

"Miami and Florida are my top schools, but without a doubt Nebraska is right there with them. When I get all my other visits down I'm going to have to sit down and think real hard on what to do." Lucky for Earl he most likely won't commit before signing day, so he'll have plenty of time to think.

Earl has visits set up to Florida (Jan 17th), Miami (Jan 24th), Florida State (Jan 31st), and LSU will get an official trip sometime in January as well. Will Nebraska get the first visit blues since it will be such a long wait until his next visit? "I don't think so. I can't forget what Nebraska was like, that would be impossible."

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