Getting ready to make a decision

The drama behind his commit that wasn't seems to have faded, but none of the attention towards this junior college standout has likewise dwindled away. Honestly, if he wasn't so good, nobody would have cared what he did, when or to where, but he is that good, so now, we all want to know. What's he going to do?

Since the last time we talked, the pledge that wasn't a pledge at all has taken a back seat to Muhammad figuring out what he wants to do. It's down to two schools for his services, Temple and Nebraska.

Now, you are going to look at these two and say, this can't even be a competition, but right now, Temple is fast becoming the JUCO capital of the world. There's no school hitting the ranks of junior college harder than they are, thus Wali's interest.

Actually, that's not all. He's got friends that go there, it's an hour and a half away from his house and he's got the anticipation that with all this experienced talent coming in, it might not be too far away from where they want to be. "They want to be an up and comer and with some of the guys they are getting this year, they are going to make some noise." Wali said.

The other school, Nebraska doesn't to have arguments flung about in defense of their validity. Their record over the last forty years has done that for them. And that's why NU is still there on his list. "Their tradition, the coaches, guys I have met on the team that I am talking to now like Jammal Lord. It's a great place to be and it's about football." Muhammad stated.

Out of these two, the criteria for him seems to be football first, hence the idea that NU is his leader. That would be correct. "I would say it's about 75 percent Nebraska and 25 percent Temple right now." Wali said.

With that in mind, now everyone wants to know when the real commit is going to take place. "It's going to be soon. Maybe by Wednesday. I don't know, but it will be soon."

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