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Another hot junior college prospect and yet another one that Nebraska (amongst others) is trying to recruit. Going the JUCO way seems to be more "in" than it has in recent years, at least across the board. Florida is now going after some, Kansas State always does and Nebraska seems to be dipping into the JUCO well, now more than ever. With that in mind. If you wanted a ready QB to take the reins, you didn't have to look too far before you found this guy.

Walter Washington - QB - 6-2, 240, 4.55/40 - Dodge City, Kansas (CC) -  Don't let his size fool ya. He's got moves. Don't let his size fool ya. He's got an arm that would wax most of those 6'5" glamour boys on the coast. Honestly, he is the epitome of not judging a book by it's cover and he's certainly an interesting read.

What people are reading about nowadays is his battle with what school he wants. A Nebraska fan since high school, there are candidates to be sure. Iowa State with the loss of another JUCO stud, well, he likes the idea of taking over where someone like him left off. And, the idea of Temple is one that seems to attract a lot of JUCO kids there these days as Temple has been hitting the junior college ranks hard and harder.

One he likes for tradition, another he likes for potential and another he likes because it's a way to take over for someone he thinks is a lot like him. The problem of course is, he's got one choice and up to this point, he's not quite sure who that will be.

It's safe to say though that Iowa State is out of the picture. Well, unless they offer. If they do offer, consider Walter a clone. Without that though, it is Temple and Nebraska, one trying to become something and another trying to get something back. Walter has a place at either one. "I see where I fit at either school." Walter said. "Both of them need a QB that could come in and compete for the job and take it. I might be more experienced or a little more experienced in my game, so I could see playing at either place."

Temple is much closer to home and that has it's advantages for Walter, but so does tradition and in that contest, as Walter said, "Nebraska wins hands down." But, that doesn't mean they will win with Walter, but people will not have long to wait to find out.

"I think I will have my decision before the end of the week." Walter said. "I'm just trying to get away from the pressure and really think about it, because once I decide, that's it."

So, another week, another chance to think. But, it's either Temple or Nebraska.

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