Lucky No. 6?

With the quarterback controversy already in full swing, we think we have a pretty good idea of who is where and maybe even where they will ultimately be when it comes to their place on the depth chart. Well, there's another name to consider. Maybe not now. Maybe not in a year, but maybe. At least that's what he's hoping to do.

Ron Kellogg Jr.

Any familiarity with that name, and gridiron glory is replaced with hardwood heroics as the first version of this name started and starred for the Kansas Jayhawks. A Nebraska native, though, Kellogg Sr. made his way back to the Husker state, and even from the get go it seemed like this Kellogg might follow a different road. "I know back before high school he really didn't play much football, but once he did it was something he picked up quickly," recalled Omaha Westside Varsity Assistant Coach Ryan Gottula. "You could see how fast he could pick up things."

Kellogg Jr. finished off his career with a solid senior season, throwing for over 1,100 yards, completing almost 60 percent of his passes on the year. This followed up an off-season performance where he earned MVP honors at the annual Husker Elite Quarterback Academy, which for one day, featured another future Husker QB, Cody Green.

While Kellogg Jr. couldn't envision then that the next time they might meet would be at a time where they knew they would be on the same team, it turned out that way, and Kellogg wouldn't have had it any other way. "I loved that guy. We were talking and I think we are going to try and room together over the Summer," he said of his second meeting with Green, which was Kellogg's official visit to see Nebraska. "He's just a really cool guy to get to know."

The common belief of Kellogg is going to be that he is a capable athlete with a good head on his shoulders and maybe he'll contribute on the Scout Team. After all, look at the competition. You have Zac Lee who will be going into his junior year, Patrick Witt going into his redshirt sophomore season, along with Kody Spano, a redshirt freshman who has had a year to learn the Division 1-A ropes. Then there is the dynamic duo of Green and Taylor Martinez, and all Martinez did was lead his team to the California State Title, a ranking of second in the country by USA Today, and for his own part Martinez earned California Player of the Year. Green is 6-4, 220 – Martinez can reportedly run a 4.40/40 and there is a host of experience just chomping at the bit to take their shot on the field.

What chance does Kellogg have?

According to Gattula, a better one than you might think.

"Ron has good enough arm strength for that level and maybe even a little better. Plus, he's not a dual-threat type, as I think he'll stay in the pocket, but it's not like he can't run," he said. "Ron is always looking for a receiver, always looking downfield and just as important, he'll compete."

That along with Westside running a downscaled version of Nebraska's own offense, plus what Gattula described as Kellogg's great sense of how to read defenses on the fly – he not only thinks this young man can compete, he can play. "I don't doubt it a bit. I really don't. I think if he's given some time to get into the system, maybe get more physically ready for that level, I don't count him out of being able to do what he wants to," he said.

As for Kellogg, between his various unofficial visits there to see games, his performance at the QB Academy and then his most recent visit, his official this last month, he has gotten just enough of a taste of the future, all he can think about is getting more.

"I got to talk to Coach (James) Dobson the strength coach, and the way he does things there just blew my mind," he said. "It's like circuit training, all very fast, always moving, always keeping the blood going.

"Then there is the bridge program, where you attend classes in Summer as you get ready for the Fall. I can't wait to do that," he continued.

"And best of all the coaches really make you feel that no matter how many guys they have at a position, no matter how much experience that is there, it's open competition from the day practice starts until it ends.

"Everyone has a shot."

At 6-1 and around 190 pounds with a reported 4.9/40, there might be some who won't give him one before he even makes it to campus this Summer. That's OK with Kellogg, because he understands what everyone else sees in front of him. The thing is, he doesn't and Gattula doesn't. They only see what they feel is the most important:


"If you don't try you won't know, and I believe that with a little time to learn the system I can compete. I am not saying that it's as a starter or whatever, but I know I will compete," Ron said. "I know that so many of the things he did really well for us are the things which will make him an impact player for Nebraska," Gattula reiterated. "He's got a good head on his shoulders, he's poised in the pocket and with a system like this it's more about managing it first. Ron can do that.

"I don't have a doubt in my mind."

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