Following in dad's footsteps

Nebraska might have missed on a wide receiver or two late in the process, but that doesn't mean that they didn't get another receiver. The Huskers were again looking for a taller wide receiver late in January and might have gotten a gem to walk-on. Tyson Clark, son of former Husker and former Atlanta Falcons Bret Clark, has chosen to walk-on in Lincoln.

Tyson Clark is not just another walk-on story. The son of former Husker and Atlanta Falcon safety, Bret Clark, Tyson is a big wide receiver that can go up to get the ball. He signed his walk-on agreement this past week.

"I signed my agreement on Wednesday," Clark said. "My father, Bret Clark, and he played for Nebraska and the Atlanta Falcons. He was at Nebraska, as a starter, from 1982-1984."

Growing up the son of a former Husker, the desire to go to Nebraska was undeniable. Since he was a little kid, he has been rooting on Nebraska and now he will have the chance to help them win.

"Every since I was a kid that was what I wanted to do, to play for Nebraska, since my dad played for them. It's been a dream of mine since I was little and grew up watching them.

"I would always be watching them and rooting them on, rooting for National Championships, so to get that opportunity to follow my dad is awesome. It's a dream come true to get this opportunity."

Tyson is the type of receiver that dad probably didn't like to go against a lot because of his size and the fact that they play on different sides of the football hasn't kept dad from filling son in on a lot of useful information about playing receiver.

"He knows a lot about receivers because he had to study them so much as a safety. He taught me a ton at safety, because I play safety as well, but he has told me a ton about the game.

"It's great to talk to my dad because he knows every coverage, really well from his experience, and how to beat it. He would tell me how to stop a receiver and that helps me with what a guy might do to me."

Clark had at least a couple of scholarships waiting for him and was getting close to picking up one from a division one school. However, he has been pretty sure for a while that he would end up at Nebraska.

"I got a scholarship offer to Peru State. My grandfather played football there. He was actually drafted by the San Francisco 49ers. Back then, football didn't pay a lot and he didn't want to move all the way out there.

"I was also thinking about going to Nebraska-Omaha. Iowa State said that they had one spot left for a wide receiver, but I didn't hear from them after a while and I was pretty sure I was going to Nebraska."

Clark has been hearing from Nebraska for a while now and getting that chance to play for them was a goal for him. The opportunity was the same to him if it was a scholarship spot or the chance to walk-on.

"I started getting letters from Nebraska as a junior, so I kind of had my mind made up that I was going to Nebraska. That was really my goal. That was where I wanted to get to. It didn't matter if it was scholarship or walk-on."

Clark is a 6-foot-4 and 195-pound receiver who runs around a 4.65/40. The one thing that Clark is looking to do, like Todd Peterson and Nate Swift in Lincoln, is to learn the X and Z receiver positions to add some versatility to him as a player to the team.

"I know that I had seven touchdowns. I think that I had 23 catches for 311 yards and seven touchdowns. I was all-city and all-conference."

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