Oklahoma prep takes in Nebraska junior days

Mason Myers was born and raised in Oklahoma. In addition, he has enough ability at the sport of football that Division 1-A schools have been showing interest even earlier than now. For most in this state, that means dreams of playing in Norman and following your boyhood dreams. Maybe, but Myers' trip to Lincoln for Jr Days shows he's keeping his options open.

Any high school football player in Oklahoma who is worth his salt, is probably thinking that playing in Norman one day is a real dream rather than something which finds as much reality in the backyard on Holidays with the relatives as it would any time in the future.

For Mason Myers that wouldn't appear to be the case.

Standing 6-4 and weighing 285 pounds, Myers already has a lineman's frame. But he's got the lineman's attitude to boot. "You have to be a gentleman off the field, but on it you have to be physical," Myers said. "You have to be able to finish off blocks.

"I don't mean doing anything after the whistle, but you have to take it all the way through the whistle."

Playing both sides of the line, anywhere from defensive end, to offensive tackle to even center, Myers knows both sides of the trenches very well. He's also got solid strength for a prep still in his junior year, benching and squatting well over 300 lbs. and 400 lbs., respectively.

The raw numbers are nice, but when it comes to the offensive side of things, Myers has found that raw power can only help you so much. "You have to be quick off the ball with quick feet and good hands. Facing some of those quick defensive ends, you don't stand a chance if you aren't," he said. "I did mostly run blocking before this last year, and that's a lot different from pass blocking.

"You have to be quick."

It's one of the aspects that Myers knows is important, especially when he watches the conference he grew up viewing week-to-week. Pass-happy offenses, quarterbacks standing in the pocket and everyone expecting that pocket to hold. If you can't help to make it happen, you won't be on the field very long.

Well, Myers is obviously hoping to better himself for his last year of prep-ball at Westmoore High School (Oklahoma City, OK). But if it helps him garner a little more attention from schools at the next level, all the better.

Myers has already gotten some, sporting letters of interest from schools like his home-state power Oklahoma Sooners, along with Iowa State, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Tech. But his most recent unofficial visit went to the school that just started showing him attention recently. "I just started getting letters from Nebraska. And that's a school I have always respected a lot," Myers said. "I just wanted to get over there and check it out, because it's like here, you hear a lot about it and what to see it for yourself."

Myers' visit coming on Nebraska's first round of "Junior Days", came this last weekend, Myers saying that he along with an estimated 50 other players invading Lincoln. They got the tour, visited with coaches and got to see the things that interested them most.

Myers said one thing definitely caught his eye.

"The academic program there is great. They just have so much support there for the athletes, and if you need help they will give you all they can," he said. "The facilities were great, too. I'd say between them and Oklahoma those are the two best I have seen."

Of course Oklahoma has to come into this, and Myers isn't shy about saying that when he was dreaming about playing for a team in his future, his imaginary uniform had a definite crimson hue.

That's his team.

"Oh yeah. I am an Oklahoma kid, so yeah, I grew up wanting to play for them," Myers said. "It's always been my dream. But at the same time I am going to keep my options open. I am not closing the door on anyone."

So, it seems pretty obvious that if Oklahoma comes across with an offer, there probably isn't a school that could get him to go someplace else. But Nebraska may try. If they do, while Myers is being recruited for both sides of the ball, he knows the position he really wants to play. "I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because they are the quarterback of the line, but I really want to play center," he said. "I just love the position. I like everything about it, and that's what I would really like to do."

As far as what kind of interest he's getting from Nebraska right now Myers thought it was good, and said of Nebraska's offensive line coach Barney Cotton, that's his kind of guy right there. "He's great. I really liked Coach Cotton," Myers said. "Honestly, though, there wasn't really anything I didn't like about my experience there."

This is hardly the beginning of recruiting for Myers as he has already taken some visits, many to see his home-state team, but he's taken in a few camps as well, one of them to Notre Dame.

That's left a lot of impressions which he says is good for the future. Because as much as he loves his Sooners, he knows there are a few other schools which would be pretty nice, too. "You can't go wrong with some of the places I have seen. Just to get an offer from any one of them would be great," he said. "I'm not making my decision any time soon, so maybe these letters will one day become offers.

"That's what I am hoping, but I am just going to keep working out, keep trying to get better and then we'll just see how it goes."

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