Big, in-state visitor attends JR Day

Millard (Nebr.) North didn't have a very good team last year and that in itself isn't the norm. However, if you look hard at their team you can still see talent. The Huskers, and some other teams in the nation, have taken note of a gargantuan offensive tackle that North has. Last year he was just a junior and was up to see Lincoln last weekend for Junior Day.

Lincoln Hansen isn't a name that is on the lips of many people that following Nebraska recruiting or recruits from Nebraska, but it should be. Hansen is a huge offensive tackle from Millard (Nebr.) North.

"I am 6-foot-6 and 290-pounds," Hansen said. "I run like a 5.5/40 and played right tackle. I only lettered last year. I didn't pick up any honors; our team wasn't very good."

Hansen has the right size and good athleticism to play offensive tackle in college. He explained how his size helps him and also talked about how experience in another sport has paid off.

"Being 6-foot-6 helps. You have a long body and that gives you long range. You can reach people and just explode into them. It helps you bring a lot more force.

"I used to play basketball so I am still athletic and stuff. I am pretty quick on my feet and I can get from point A to point B quickly and I have good feet overall."

Hansen was in Lincoln this past weekend for Junior Day. It gave Hansen a couple of opportunities to really talk to some of the staff and get some ideas from them about what he needs to do.

"It was pretty great. I talked to everyone that I wanted to talk to and it was just a pretty good time. I spoke to Coach Barney Cotton first for a while.

"I have had a chance to talk to him on some game visits, but it was nice talking to him. We talked about high school and what I need to do to help out my game.

"I also had a chance to talk to Bo Pelini for a while. We talked a lot about my size that I have and what I need to do to get better on the field."

This wasn't the first time that Hansen has been to Lincoln. He was up for plenty of games to see Lincoln on an unofficial visit.

"I was there for New Mexico State, Virginia Tech, Baylor, Kansas and Missouri games in Lincoln. I hit all of the good ones."

Nebraska isn't the only division one program showing him a lot of attention. Hansen is getting interest from teams in the Big 12, Big 10, SEC and ACC.

"I have been to Kansas for a game. I have been to LSU junior day the week before Nebraska's junior day. They started sending me mail and I guess they like what they saw."

"I talk to Iowa State. I have talked to Clemson, but not a lot, and probably Northwestern. They have invited me to one of their junior days. I am going to Iowa State next week for Junior Day.

"I am not sure when Kansas has their junior day. I will probably just go on a visit down there. It's pretty easy to get up to Northwestern for me, so I will probably hit their junior day."

The Huskers will more than likely get a chance to host Hansen again in the coming months for summer camp. It might be a chance for Nebraska to get a look at Hansen and his ability.

"Nebraska did talk to me about coming up for one of their first high school camps. We didn't really talk about an offer. They said to just keep working.

"They said that they were going to keep in touch with me and if I had any questions to call them up. They didn't drop any hints about an offer."

It's clear that the Nebraska offer would go a long way with Hansen. It's a goal for him. Since he started getting attention for football the offer from Nebraska has been what he has been shooting for.

"Yeah it would. Growing up in Nebraska it's what you really shoot for. When all of this recruiting started up, I have really worked to try and get that scholarship.

"If I can't get the scholarship, then it will stink. But, if I do get that scholarship then it's a huge weight off of me as far as the process goes. Getting that offer would be huge. I would really like that."

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