QB sees Nebraska

It's probably the norm now to take a quarterback every year. You need the competition at the position and the quarterback position is really special because you only have one on the field, for the most part, at any one time, but an injury to that one player can really cause problems. Nebraska hosted one of the quarterbacks that they have offered already for Junior Day.

At 6-foot-4 and 215-pounds, A.J. Derby has very good size for a quarterback prospect. Derby from Iowa City (Iowa) was in Lincoln this past weekend.

"Yeah, I was there for Junior Day," Derby said. "I have an offer from Nebraska and I went there this past weekend for Junior Day."

Derby said that he got a good chance to spend some time with the offensive coordinator/quarterback coach while he was in Lincoln. He also got to meet a coaching legend in Lincoln.

"I got a personal tour from one of the coaches, Coach Shawn Watson, and I got to meet Coach Tom Osborne too. That was pretty cool because he is a legendary coach."

This was the first chance for Derby to see Lincoln and really thought a lot about the facilities that he saw. He also came away impressed with the coaching staff.

"I hadn't been to see Nebraska before and the facilities there are really nice. You can tell they put a lot of time and money into them. Their coaching staff is great. I like them a lot."

The personal tour from the offensive coordinator/quarterback coach gave Derby a chance to really get to know Shawn Watson. He thought the weekend went well with Coach Watson.

"I liked talking to Coach Watson a lot. He's a great guy. I thought that we connected pretty well while I was there. He seemed interested and is a good coach; easy to get along with."

This junior day might be the only recruiting event that he can do in the early spring. He hasn't started thinking about spring games though.

"I haven't really started thinking about spring games yet. I don't know if I will take anymore Junior Days either because of basketball."

Derby is currently sitting on six offers. As a quarterback, he has equal ability to make plays through the air as well as on the ground.

"I have offers from Nebraska, Iowa, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Stanford and Illinois. I would say that I have the ability to create plays with my feet, but throw the ball very well too."

Derby wasn't sure what his stats were for his junior season. However, he remembers how the season ended for him and his team. He also knew his honors from last year.

"I don't know what my stats were. We went 10-1 and we didn't win state, so I know that about last season. I was all-state, conference player of the year and I made the paper's player of the year."

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