Minnesota DT with an offer from the Big Red

Nebraska "Junior Days" was a time where the Husker coaching staff tried to bring in the best in-state talent. But it was also an opportunity to bring in some top prep players from around the country. One of those hails from Minnesota, a defensive tackle whose name is quickly rising, especially as a target for the Big Red.

"Junior Days" isn't a phenomenon so much anymore. Lots of teams do it, and for Nebraska's part, it's something they have delved into a bit over the last few years. This year has already been a bit different.

Along with an estimated 20+ players from within the state the Husker coaches invited other kids from around the country like quarterback Blake Bell, a Kansas standout player who could be one of the hotter signal-callers this year.

On the other side of the ball Nebraska hosted Beau Allen, a 6-3, 295 pound defensive tackle from Minnetonka Senior High School (Minnetonka, MN). Like Bell Allen already has a host of offers, his coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Stanford. And his most recent came from, of course, Nebraska.

Nebraska obviously liked what they saw in the potential nose guard, and as for his experience on his unofficial visit to see the Huskers, he felt the same. "It was a great place. The facilities were great, and they have a good athletic tradition along with academics," Allen said.

The academic side is obviously very important to him, Allen citing his brother as one prime example as to the people he'll confide in when it comes to evaluating that aspect of his college future. "He's already applied to places like Stanford and the Ivy Leagues, so yeah, he's got great grades," Beau Said. "He talks a little smack to me about those sometimes."

With an offer himself from Stanford, obviously Allen isn't hurting in that area either, holding a 3.5 GPA, currently.

It was one aspect where his mother was also particularly interested, as you might imagine. And Beau said that the Huskers scored high marks. "For the record my mom liked it very much," he said. "She was very happy with the academics and the coaches we met."

Allen got to meet probably the two most important coaches to him, first the Head Coach Bo Pelini and then his brother, Defensive Line Coach Carl Pelini. While Allen said he didn't have a lot of time to get to know them, he said it didn't take much time to figure out just what kind of people they were. "They were good people, honest people. There's no B.S. with those guys," Allen said of the Pelini brothers. "They just talk to you like regular guys and they seem really easy to get to know."

Allen said that this visit is one of many he's either been on or will take, saying that he's already attended junior days at Iowa, Minnesota and Notre Dame, as well as Wisconsin, which he said he'll be visiting in a couple of weeks. It's a crazy time right now, according to Allen. But he knows that this is the time he has to use to try and figure out some of his schools before the list starts to pile up.

"I only sent out my tape to a few schools not that long ago. But it's already a little hectic right now," he said. "We'll just see how the rest of it goes, see who else might be interested and just go from there."

Allen goes into his senior year thinking that he'll trim down a bit, taking his current weight of 295 down to what he feels will be a more functional weight of around 280. "I am kind of lucky in that I can lose and gain weight pretty quickly, and I really think I want to lose some of the bulk from weight lifting this last year and just lean up a bit," he said. "I'm like most, I guess. I want to get stronger, leaner, faster – all that."

As a junior, Allen recorded 47 tackles, three sacks and two fumble recoveries, helping his team to the second round of the playoffs this last season. Prior to that Allen had 38 tackles and three sacks as a sophomore. He'd like to better all those numbers, but right now, outside of the conditioning, his focus is on the school of the future.

"I already have some good choices in front of me, and the problem is, I can see myself playing at every single one of these schools," Allen said. "I have gotten along with all the coaches, I like every place I have seen, so it's going to be a tough decision down the road."

The road is going to be a pretty long one as Allen said that won't be following the trend of early commits, as he plans to take full advantage of the visits he's allowed, so he can figure everything out from there. Yes, he wants to know as much about each place as he can, but said of the trend of early commits has led to another trend, as well. "They may be committing earlier than ever, but as you have seen kids are de-committing more than they ever have, too. I'm not going to be one of those kids," Allen said. "I am going to go through it until I know just where I want to go."

As for the list of his favorites, Allen says you just have to look at who has offered to figure out who he is looking at the most right now. That list could shrink, but more than likely, especially considering the kind of attention he's getting, that will only increase over this off-season.

That's fine with him, as more schools means more choices, and when it comes to picking your college of the future, you can't go wrong with that. "It will make things more difficult in deciding, but who wouldn't want as many choices as possible in front of them," he said. "We're going through the process now, but like I said, I got a lot of time in front of me, and I plan to make the best choice for me."

Allen said he has been offered to play defensive tackle by all the teams mentioned as having offered him thus far, with no apparent specifics as to whether he'll play nose guard as he does at the prep level right now or defensive tackle.

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