Blake Bell a big target for the big red

Blake Bell has quickly cemented himself as one of the hottest prep quarterbacks in the country for the 2009 season. It was October of last year when Bell got his first offer. He's added 14 more since, Nebraska offering him just about a week ago. Bell has added three more since. Not bad for a receiver, eh?

When you have 15 offers as a prep quarterback the assumption would be that you were born with a football in your hand, taking reps as a signal-caller since you even knew what football was.

Not quite the case for Wichita, Kansas all-star Blake Bell.

"My sophomore season I played receiver," said Bell, who was already over 6-4 that year, the lanky quarterback now standing 6-6. "We had a couple of good quarterbacks, and I just wanted to play. So, that's where I played that season."

Bell proved pretty capable there as well, catching a reported 60-plus balls for approximately 500 yards. But in comparison to his numbers as a quarterback this last season, you can see why he made the change. "I had over 3,000 yards passing, over 30 touchdowns throwing and I had 11 touchdowns I scored running the ball," he said. "I guess when you look at all the positions I have played, I'd like to think that I am versatile and able to do a lot of things."

The yards along with the size has gotten him attention from everywhere. Bell has quickly made his mark as one of the most recruited quarterbacks in the country. Just this last week Bell added three more offers to his already impressive list. "Oklahoma was the most recent offer for me, but I also got an offer from UCLA this last week along with Clemson," he said.

Right before that came his offer from Nebraska, following his unofficial visit to Lincoln for their "Junior Days." It was like any visit Bell has been on in regard to what he's been trying to find out. And he said that what he learned at Nebraska he liked. "I got to meet coach (Bo) Pelini and the Quarterbacks Coach Shawn Watson. Both are really nice guys," he said. "I could see myself playing for coaches like that, because they obviously know a lot about the game, but they seem to be genuinely good people."

The visit to Nebraska was his first inside the state, actually. He got the tour of the campus, the facilities and everything else he felt he needed to see. But one thing about Bell, which comes a little from the attention he's gotten thus far, he says that everyone has something nice about them, but he'll actually have to make another visit back to Nebraska to see what he's the most interested in. "That visit was just to check the place out, and like you'd expect it's great," Bell said. "But I am going to go back there during Spring practice and probably for the Spring Game, because I want to see how they coach.

"That's a pretty big deal to me, no matter where I go, because that relationship with the coaches is going to be on-going throughout my entire college career."

As we indicated above the last offer Bell got was from a traditional rival for the Huskers, the Oklahoma Sooners. It's a program that Bell knows quite well. "I have been to a couple of games there, camped there and I have always really liked Oklahoma and what they are doing there," he said. "So, it was exciting to get the offer.

"That doesn't mean they are number one, but it was nice to see a team I grew up watching offer me. That felt pretty good."

The offers will no doubt come pouring in, and Bell said of the attention that it has gotten a little crazy as the weeks have progressed. Blake estimates that even now when schools aren't allowed to call, he's getting plenty from others. "I think I do maybe two interviews a day. That's what it's been like so far," he said. "But I am enjoying it. I am going to enjoy it, because this happens once in your life and you just need to take it in and not worry about it. You have to try and make the process as fun as you can."

That's going to be a necessity for Bell, because he doesn't have a timeframe on his decision. He knows what could be around the corner in regard to even more attention, more offers, more calls – but if it happens in three weeks or three months, the decision is the most Important thing. "It's just one of those4 things, where if I feel something at a place like it fits me better than I could have hoped, yeah, I might pull the trigger," he said. "But if I have to wait until next year, I'd do that, too.

"I want to go where it's going to be the right fit for me. That could probably take some time."

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