Mr. Versatility, Aleon Calhoun

There are versatile athletes and then there are versatile athletes. Aleon Calhoun might be one of the most versatile you are likely to see. With offers in two sports, and a background in others which might surprise, his choices might surround what sport he wants to play. But he knows. Now it's a matter of whether he'll get his chance to do just that.

With reported offers from Oklahoma and Texas A&M in football, that would pretty much seal the deal for any recruit, thinking about the future in terms of gridiron dreams.

Not for Aleon Calhoun.

Yes, the 6-6, 310 pound Navasota, Texas standout certainly looks at those offers and knows what kind of programs they are. But there's another program as well:


And it's not that TCU compares with Oklahoma or Texas A&M in his mind. They are good, but he said of the other two, they are something else. "With both, they are big time programs. You look at Oklahoma's campus and man, that's straight up crazy how nice that place is," Calhoun said.

The problem is the sport.

While Calhoun is obviously a highly regarded football player as the offers indicate, he's not to shabby at basketball either. For his Navasota Rattlers Calhoun said that he averaged approximately 13 points, nine rebounds, four assists and two blocked shots per game.

With his size you'd project him to a strong forward position at the next level, but Calhoun says that the stereotype doesn't fit. "I can play the post, don't get me wrong. If I need to post guys up, I can," he said. "But I can shoot. I can dribble. Give me the ball and I can make something happen."

That confidence comes from simply having the basketball in his hands most of his life, Calhoun saying that it's a family thing. "My dad played basketball growing up. My grandpa played basketball growing up. My uncles, brothers, cousins – pretty much everyone. It's in our blood," Calhoun said. "My grandpa played a little, but I have played basketball for 10 years, at least."

You want versatility? Calhoun threw this whopper out as to something else he likes to do:

Calf Roping

Yep, you read that right, calf roping. Where a person on the back of a horse shoots out of a gate following a calf released from a chute, and they have to rope it, jump off and tie the legs together of the calf as quickly as they can.

Keep in mind that again, this kid is 6-6 and over 300 pounds.

"I'm a jack of all trades. I got so much talent I don't know what to do with it all," Calhoun said with a laugh. "I bet you didn't know I sing gospel, too."

He's versatile alright, but when you have offers from places like Oklahoma and Texas A&M for a sport, even if that sport isn't your first love, you might think the answer would be simple.

Calhoun said yes and no. "I only started playing football my sophomore year, and I have been playing basketball most of my life, he said. "It's not that I don't like playing football, because it's nice to just go around knocking people around sometimes. What I'd like to do is play both, I guess."

As far as where Nebraska comes in all this, the Huskers haven't offered, but Aleon said that the letters come in by the bunches. "If I counted all the letters they send me, there'd have to be 50, maybe more," he said.

But the only thing he knows about Nebraska right now isn't from what he's learned from those letters, but from what he knows, because of an indirect relationship. "I know Alzono Whaley, but I am good friends with his brother Chris," he said of current Husker linebacker Alonzo, and Chris, who is now a running back for the Texas Longhorns. "I've heard some good things about them, but I don't really know anything about them right now."

The idea of being a two-sport player in college isn't inviting to a lot of players. First, you have to be good enough which many aren't. But then it's the time, how organized you have to be and all the demands beyond that. Calhoun said that he wants to play basketball, wouldn't mind playing football, but actually likes the idea of playing both, if it means one or the other gets him a scholarship to a school. "It's a free education, and you don't know what can happen with either sport," he said. "I know LSU has talked to me about playing both.

"It's something I would think about, because if I am going to a school for football, I'm going to play that. But I'd like a shot to play basketball, too."

As for any decision any time soon Calhoun said don't expect one. This process is just getting going, and he's going to see how it plays out. Maybe it will be that first big basketball offer or the first big offer to play one, but be allowed to play the other.

He's just waiting to see.

"I'm not in a big hurry. To be honest, I haven't thought about recruiting much at all," he said. "I'll worry about it more later on, because I'm just going to see how it goes, who is interested and all that. I got some time."

Calhoun said that he currently has a 2.91 GPA and will take his ACT or SAT this Summer.

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