Kuhl set to walk on

Huskers secure their second deep-snapping walk-on in 2009 to try and replace T.J. O'Leary. O'Leary might not have been one of the most memorable Huskers of the 2008-09 season, but he was definitely one of the most consistent and most-valuable. Replacing him is an obvious reason why Nebraska is willing to bring in two walk-ons to battle it out this summer.

First, P.J. Mangieri agreed to walk-on at Nebraska to possibly long snap. Add Adam Kuhl to the fray who actually signed his walk-on agreement with Nebraska on signing day.

"I signed with Nebraska on signing day to walk-on," Kuhl said. "I went that weekend before for a visit, their walk-on visits, and they wanted me as a long-snapper.

"I found out that following Monday that they were going to invite me to walk-on. So, later that week, on Wednesday, I signed the walk-on agreement."

The Huskers have been in pursuit of Kuhl all season. However, he didn't officially get the opportunity to walk-on until just days from letter of intent signing day.

"I have been in contact with Nebraska throughout the season. I didn't get that final word about a walk-on chance though until that Monday before signing day."

The Huskers like Kuhl to come in and compete for the long-snapper position that has been left vacant by T.J. O'Leary. Adam knows the score and knows about the other walk-on long-snapper.

"Nebraska likes me as a long-snapper. They are bringing me and P.J. Mangieri and the top two long-snappers both graduated. There is a linebacker that is on the two-deep that long snaps as well.

"They are saying that either P.J. or I come in this summer and get it down then they are looking for one of us to possibly play. I think the opportunity is very exciting."

Like Mangieri, Kuhl is looking at the possibility of developing his frame and playing another position as well. He has been in discussion with the offensive line coach at Nebraska about this possibility.

"Coach Barney Cotton said that down the road that if I put on some weight, see what my body does, and then maybe I could start also playing along the offensive line."

Kuhl is already performing as well as it's said you need to at the collegiate level. Meaning, his snap time to a depth of 15 yards is at better than the time of .8 seconds.

"I went down to Nebraska the last two summer for special teams camp and they said .8 or under and you should never have a punt blocked. I am about .76 to .78 at 15 yards."

The Huskers were in some competition for Kuhl who was getting serious consideration from an in-state school. He was also holding at least two division two offers.

"Iowa State was in contact. They have a freshman long snapper and they just scholarshipped him. They wanted me to come in and I had a guaranteed spot in fall camp as a walk-on. I did have some DII offers."

When the opportunity presented itself to Kuhl to walk-on at Nebraska it really wasn't much of a head-scratcher. He knew what he wanted to do.

"It was an honor to get the opportunity to walk-on. My family bleeds Husker Red. I have been a Husker fan since I was born. We have a Husker room in my house. It really wasn't a decision when I got that chance."

Kuhl was actually recruited by Nebraska to play two sports. The Huskers of course like what Kuhl brings to the table on the football field, but Mike Anderson also recruited him for the baseball diamond.

"I went to Nebraska for a recruiting trip for baseball and that really whetted my whistle again. I haven't looked at the possibility of doing both too much. Football is my first love.

"I want to do what I can and work as hard as I can to get on the football field. But, I do know that those two programs work closely with one another.

"I am a pitcher, a left-handed pitcher, and so doing both might not be too far-fetched. I am mid-80s right now and I would have to improve my velocity to play at that level."

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