Out of the Blue

It caught Chase Rome by surprise. Earlier this week the letter was just there to call Nebraska to talk to someone. So, a couple of days letter, following the instructions from the first piece of mail he had received from Nebraska, he called and found out that Nebraska was going to offer him. The Huskers look to be in a good position with Rome too.

At 6-foot-3 and 275-pounds, Chase Rome from Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge, is a force to be reckoned with. He just picked up his latest offer this past week.

"I did get a Nebraska offer this week, yes sir," Rome said. "I can't remember the exact day. It was at the beginning of this last week."

The Huskers extended the offer to Rome in basically their first piece of mail to him, ever. He followed up the letter with a call to Lincoln to discuss their offer.

"It was completely out of the blue. My school office has mail and I went there to check out my mail. There was a letter from Nebraska.

"I had not gotten any of the basic mail up to that point like ‘come and see us' and I opened it up and it was an offer. It had a number to call.

"I called that number a couple of minutes later and I was talking to someone from Nebraska about them and their offer to me."

Being from Columbia, Mo. it would be easy to understand if Rome didn't have high regard for Nebraska, but it's exactly opposite. Rome isn't a native of Missouri and has only been in the area for a few years.

"I like Nebraska a lot. There's not a lot more tradition at any school than there is at Nebraska. I just grew up a college football fan in general and I am originally from Fort Lauderdale, Flor. I have only been in Columbia for about three years."

Rome is a defensive end now at Rock Bridge, but at 275-pounds he probably projects to play more inside at the collegiate level. The Huskers project Rome inside.

"I play defensive end now, but a lot of schools want me to play something else. I think that Nebraska wants me as a defensive tackle.

"I think that I could play both. I think that it really depends on the program. They will know best, obviously, and I like to play end because I am fast enough.

"It's where I play now. But, if they think that I will do better at defensive tackle then whatever. I just want to play ball on the defensive line."

What keeps the door open on playing defensive end in college is Rome's speed; more than that, his motor. He is relentless in his play.

"I think my speed. I have a 4.7/40 time. I am super hard nosed. I go 100% all the time no matter what the score is. I have enthusiasm about this game.

"I think I can lead by example with my enthusiasm on the field. I think that the rest of the team sees that and it generates some energy on our team."

Rome said that the Nebraska offer was #10 for him. He is holding offers from many of the area Big 12 teams as well as some of the "whose who" of college football.

"Besides Nebraska, I have offers from Iowa, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Florida, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

"Some of the schools that are standing out to me right now are Florida, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma State. I would also say South Carolina."

Rome has been busy getting out and seeing some schools already. He was actually at Missouri today for a spring practice and he's trying to get a look at three more schools soon.

"I went to Missouri's junior day and I was up there today for a spring practice. I went to Oklahoma State's junior day. I took an unofficial to Oklahoma.

"I went to Kansas for junior day. I went over and hung out at Kansas State for a while for their junior day as well. I am going to make some more trips soon.

"I think that Florida is probably the next trip. Then it's South Carolina and then Nebraska. Then again, Nebraska is so close we could just leave on a Friday night to get there."

As a junior, Rome racked up a 77 tackles, four sacks, and recovered four fumbles to earn All-State and All-District honors.

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