Ready for the home stretch

As the recruiting process hits the final stretch, it's basically a time for recruits to stretch themselves. Somewhat figuratively and literally as this time can be calm or it can be stressful. For Mike Jenkins, it's the time where he spends waiting for his final visits to take place, so that he can finally make that decision on just where he wants to go.

Except for a few All-Star games here and there, the football season is over. For the seniors that were, their high school careers are likewise, over. Now, the elite few that have teams from around the country courting them for their services, they sit and wait, take visits and try to decide the best place for them. Mike is trying to make those decisions, but he thinks it's down to, two final teams.

"I like Nebraska and Auburn the most." Mike stated. That comes from his relationship developed with the coaching staff at Auburn throughout the recruiting process. "They have just kept in close contact with me the whole time, so that's why I like them." Nebraska fits the other side because of various reasons, a lot of which has to do with his friend, Fabian Washington, who is now a starting cornerback for the Huskers.

Mike said that there were other schools he is looking at, but with all seriousness, it's these two that spark his interest the most. And if you could assume that the influences from relationships would have a key, it might, but only so much. "I first want to go to the place that feels right for me and I know that Fabian wants me to be a Husker, but we're friends and this is the next few years of my life, so I have to think it through." Jenkins stated.

Jenkins is much like Fabian in his ability and who would know better than Fabian himself who actually found himself a little envious of one attribute Mike has. "He's big." Fabian said. "I would just watch him play and wish I had his size, so I could be more physical with the bigger receivers."

Physical is something that Mike does say fits into his game well, especially when matching up against those larger than life receivers. "I like to get that jam." Mike said. "I just come up there and give them a jam and it makes them think about the next time and the next time after that. If they don't respect your presence there, they will think they can run all over you. I don't let them think that."

Mike's mentality fits his game and likewise, thus many of the reasons for his popularity. It's popularity that has him wanted in the south, but again, Nebraska is looking to make a stab at Jenkins themselves. Now, all Mike has to do is visit the schools and see for himself which fits him. His visits will take him close to signing day, but Mike didn't say that he would wait for that, only that he would wait for the time where it simply "felt right".

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