His gradual climb towards the top

Here's a player that's been playing from behind most of the season. No, not because of his lack of ability, rather attention. Sometimes, that just happens. So many big names in football history didn't make the "lists" as prospects to look out for, but that was because not everyone was able to get a look from anyone making those lists. As Edwards got noticed later in the season though, his props started to come his way. Now, he can wait on them, rather than wait because he doesn't have a choice.

Larry Edwards - LB - 6-3, 215, 4.55/40 - Tampa, FL. (Wharton) - What drives a young man on the field could be something as simple as the will to win or something as complicated as the need to analyze, divide and conquer. All approaches have their place, but Larry's approach has it's place no matter what position you play or where you play your football at. "I'm relentless." Larry said. "You can make something happen if you just keep going at it until you can't go anymore. You just don't stop."

Larry's perpetual motor has given him a rise towards the top of some serious want lists that include schools like Nebraska, North Carolina and LSU. If you think that's made him take his off-season with any less intensity though, think again. Even off the field, Larry has found a way to be relentless, at least in this aspect of going to the right school. "I want to go to a place where I can be a student-athlete." Larry said. "I want to have the opportunity to excel on the field, but do well in the classroom and I will think about my future after that if it comes."

"I'm looking at those schools that really stress academics, because that's one of the biggest factors for me. No matter what I do beyond college, I want to make sure my time at college was an experience that will help me in the end."

Those schools mentioned above are those that make up his list of four. The other school, this one that hasn't offered is ironically enough his childhood favorite. "I grew up loving Florida." Edwards stated. "They've always been my team and I guess if I had a chance to go any place, it would be there."

Without the Florida offer, Larry says there's a tie between Nebraska and North Carolina as to the two teams he's considering the most at this time. If Florida does come into the picture though, well, you can see the conclusion.

Out of his scheduled official visits, Larry has only two remaining, North Carolina and Florida. He's already taken visits to Nebraska and LSU. With the late date behind his last visit, Larry said that he didn't think that his decision would go until signing day, but didn't rule it out as well.

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