Jones hearing from Nebraska

There is yet another dual threat quarterback that the Huskers have been taking a look at down in Texas. The problem here might be a lack of tape to evaluate from considering he missed time from the second game on last season after breaking his hand. He is a true dual threat quarterback though that will consider Nebraska because they want him on offense.

Kam Jones, 6-foot-0 and 180-pounds, is a special athlete. The three sport standout for Edna (Texas) has been busy since football ended playing two other sports as well as getting ready for football his senior year.

"I am in baseball and track right now," Jones said. "They have been keeping me busy. I am also trying to get ready for football next year."

Jones doesn't know what his stats were last year because he was hurt the majority of last season. He was playing defense when his hand was stepped on.

"I got hurt last year in the second game of the season. I broke my hand. It was a bone in my hand. I was on defense and I got stepped on."

Jones does play both sides of the ball for Edna and said that the interest he is getting for schools is for both sides of the ball or just to come in as an athlete.

"I don't know. Some people like me just as an athlete and others are saying either quarterback or to play safety. It's kind of split down the middle."

As a quarterback, Jones can do it all. He has the ability to make plays downfield with his arm or tuck it and run it right at a defense.

"I can run and throw as a quarterback. I am a throw first and run second kind of quarterback though. I still look downfield, but if it's open to run then I take it."

On defense, Jones is an aggressive safety, but never loses the play over the top. He can stay back and pick off the deep ball or come up and hit the crossing receivers.

"As a safety, I think that my strength is coverage. I can play centerfield and get interceptions or I can come up and hit you coming across the middle. I can do it all."

Jones is still looking for that first offer, but he has three schools showing really strong interest right now. He has been to a couple of junior days and has a combine planned.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting a lot of stuff from TCU, Nebraska and Baylor. I took a junior day trip to Houston and Oklahoma.

"I have plans to go out to the Elite 11 regional quarterback camp at TCU on April 4. I don't have any other plans beyond that because of sports."

Jones has some specific thoughts on all of the schools that are showing him serious interest right now. It seems one school will stay in the mix, despite the distance, because they want him on offense.

"TCU likes me on defense and their defense is really good. One of my old high school team mates just signed with them. I think that it's a really good school."

"I don't know a lot about Nebraska. I like them, but I am thinking that it's just a little too far away. They want me as a quarterback. If it was down to TCU or Nebraska to play quarterback, I would choose Nebraska. For me, I would prefer to play offense."

"I have a cousin that went to Baylor. I took a tour of their campus this past year and I have been to camp there before. It's a nice school. I wouldn't mind going to Baylor."

"Since Nebraska is recruiting me to play offense I am not going to rule them out because they might be too far away. I have tried to call them, but never got an answer."

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