Scherff holding NU offer

Throwing out the blanket over the Midwest has always been something that Nebraska has tried to do in recruiting. Nebraska doesn't have the population to recruit from like Texas, California or Florida so you have to expand the borders and really push Nebraska on neighboring states. It seems that Nebraska is doing that a lot again, getting back to their roots.

At 6-foot-5 and 275-pounds, Brandon Scherff from Denison (Iowa) is a load on the football field. However, when football ended he was on the hard wood and is now in track.

"I played basketball and I am doing track right now," Scherff said. "I do both discus and shot. I won state last year in shot. I placed in discus, but not sure what.

"We were 17-6 in basketball. We didn't get ranked. We were 5-15 last year and enjoyed a good turnaround from last year to this year, but we weren't ranked."

Scherff had a very good junior year on the gridiron, but wasn't aware of what he graded out at or sacks allowed. He played both ways for Denison this past year.

"We didn't get any stats as offensive lineman last year. I was all-district as a defensive tackle. I play both ways though for my team."

Scherff is going to get looks by collegiate teams to play either side of the football. He does have his preference as to which side to play, but has heard that he would make a lineman on the opposite side of what he wants to play.

"Iowa and Iowa State said I could play offense or defense. They said I can switch if it doesn't work out too. I would rather play defense, but people say I would make a great offensive lineman."

There are definitely positives for Scherff on both sides of the ball. Obviously at Denison, and their competition level in Iowa, there aren't a lot of players with Scherff's size. However, he is athletic for a big guy.

"As a defensive lineman I am one of the biggest guys on the team and on the line. Teams just run away from me. I take that away from them.

"On offense, like I said, it's my size. We have the two biggest guys on the right side of the line so we always go right. I can run and pass block as well."

There are three offers on the table for Scherff currently. Two of them give him a chance to play either side of the ball and the other is looking at him to play offense. That offer for offense only doesn't hamper that team's chances according to Scherff.

"I have offers from Iowa, Iowa State and I have one from Nebraska. Nebraska likes me on offense. It doesn't bother me that Nebraska likes me on offense and I want to play defense.

"I will play wherever on the field that I am asked to play. It really doesn't affect anything. The Nebraska offer to me puts them second on my list. Iowa is first."

The in-state school is the clear favorite here and he has been to Iowa City a couple of times to see the Hawkeyes. The Huskers have also hosted Scherff once and will get another opportunity during spring practices.

"I like the coaching staff at Iowa and the program is pretty good. I have been up there twice to see them already, once for junior day.

"I went over to Nebraska for junior day and I really liked it. Their facilities are very nice. I am going to see one of their spring practices. I don't know when."

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