Building the 2010 Class

It's time to start looking at the needs of the 2010 class against the projected size of the class. There are always needs that carry over from one year to the next as well as vacancies because of departing seniors. The upcoming class looks like it will be a little smaller than the previous years, but that is why it is so important for Nebraska to get their needs covered.

The class of 2010 is important. With a full year under Bo Pelini in their 2009 class there is definitely an influence that this staff in Texas and California while the doors seem to be opening a bit in Louisiana and on the east coast in Maryland.

The 2010 recruiting class is critical in taking another step in the direction that Bo Pelini and his staff want to go. The reach into so many talented areas by the Nebraska staff will help them secure commitments in the upcoming 2010 class.

The 2009 and 2008 classes were both 20 or more recruits while the 2010 class doesn't seem like it will be that large. The lack of numbers this season emphasizes the needs to good evaluations and getting solid recruits.


Quarterback – (1) : The need for one quarterback every year is almost a constant. While Nebraska lost two quarterbacks last year to graduation and one to transfer Nebraska should not lose any quarterbacks this year.

Running Back – (0-1) : Simply put, there is not a big need here. Last year Nebraska lost Marlon Lucky and brought in Rex Burkhead and Dontrayevous Robinson. The Huskers will not lose anyone to graduation next year and I don't foresee any early entries for the NFL. I put it 0-1 because there will be some flexibility in the overall class and if there is a different running back that Nebraska can get then they might take him. Otherwise, look for Nebraska to target Aaron Green, younger brother of Andrew Green, in 2011.

Full Back – (0) : No need here with C.J. Zimmerer last year.

Tight End – (0-1): Again, no pressing need here, but if Nebraska can get a different tight end, a longer and more "flex-style" tight end, then it's possible that they could look at taking one here.

Wide Receiver – (2-3): There are really just two positions that I see Nebraska grabbing multiple players on offense this year and wide receiver is one of them. I think that Nebraska is still looking for that larger possession type of receiver like Maurice Purify was and I could see Nebraska looking for a guy like that. I might also look for Nebraska to try and find a real burner at the wide receiver position. There is a need to get "different" at this position as most of the wide receivers at Nebraska look the same and run about the same. It's time to get a smaller, quicker guy and put him in space.

Offensive Line – (4) : Nebraska sole commitment, Andrew Rodriguez, is a big get for Nebraska as he is one of four projected recruits I see Nebraska taking along the offensive line. I think that what makes Rodriguez so valuable is that he is probably a guard at the next level with the ability to play tackle. I think that Nebraska will also look for one true center, a true left tackle as well as an interior offensive lineman that could play guard or center.

Defensive Tackle – (2) : Maybe one of the more neglected positions of the 2009 class, defensive tackle will be a huge need in the 2010 class. Expect Nebraska to really go out and target some of the nation's best defensive tackles as well as some guys that fit the style and who with some time should develop into great players like Thaddeus Randle. I expect the 2010 class to be "defense heavy".

Defensive End – (2) : Again, one of the positions that Nebraska missed on with the late decommitment of Kevin Young. The Huskers really needed another defensive end last year, but instead will go looking for at least two this year. Look for Nebraska to try and find some high intensity, explosive defensive ends off of the edge that will help get pressure on the quarterback.

Linebacker – (1) : This number might be two, but I am thinking that it will just be one. I also think that I would look for a player that is explosive here who is different than what Nebraska has right now and is probably a WILL. I would look for an athletic, special player to get that one spot at linebacker this year. Expect Nebraska to try and push hard for Shaun Lewis here (Nebraska did offer Lewis first).

Safety – (1) : Nebraska is young at the safety position, but there is still a need to keep stock-piling players here. The defense under Bo Pelini with Marvin Sanders can really feature a ball-hawk at the safety position like it did with Josh Bullocks. There is always potential here for a player to have a huge year and get the type of feedback you want to go pro early.

Cornerback – (1) : In 2009, Nebraska was able to bring in one junior college, semester transfer in Dejon Gomes. Nebraska was also able to bring in a number of longer and athletic high school corners that should add a more physical style to the perimeter of Nebraska's defense. I would expect Nebraska to keep the same theme looking for one longer, athletic cornerback to bring in and develop.

Those are my thoughts about the 2010 class. If you look at it and total it up, I am projecting a class around 16 and could see as many as 17 or 18 depending on other departures from the current roster, which Nebraska could possibly get and maybe the emergence of some of the younger players. If Nebraska can get flexible with numbers you might see them stockpile another player at wide receiver, either one of the defensive line positions and possibly at linebacker. The numbers look pretty evenly split across offense and defense with the exception just three positions on offense look like they have needs while there are needs at every position on defense.

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