JUCO QB makes his choice

There were more than a few anticipating the commit for Washington. Nebraska needed him, Temple wanted him and Michigan State was doing their best to make a run at the NJCAA player of the year finalist. Walter made his decision today on just who gets his services for the rest of his collegiate career.

Walter Washington made his pledge early this morning. "I'm going to Temple." Washington stated. With all the hoopla over him possibly being a Husker and everything leaning to that point, Walter said that it came down to knowing what was happening in the future. "We weren't really too sure about what was going to go on with Nebraska's getting new coaches and offensive schemes." Walter said.

The uncertainty behind NU's new offensive coordinator was speculated on as to whether something like this would happen and evidently, that has happened. Walter did say though that it wasn't just that, but just a matter of sitting down with his father and figuring out what was best for him. "Me and my dad sat down and talked about it and analyzed it and thought that would be a good place for me to go."

Walter makes up yet another JUCO player to sign with Temple as it seems the OWLS are looking to come on fast to the division 1-A next year with one possible "quick-fix" after another.

For Nebraska, this puts an even more urgent spin on their need for a QB, not having someone commit that could realistically come in early to compete for the starting job, that currently held by Jammal Lord, followed by healing Curt Dukes who's status for Spring ball is still unsure after knee surgery.

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