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It was time well spent, to say the least, for Mike Moudy. Moudy said that he already liked Nebraska anyway, but was up there to see the school last week. While he didn't get to see a practice, he did get a chance to see the facilities and talk to the coaches. At the end, and offer was extended and Moudy couldn't have been happier with the trip.

Mike Moudy from Castle Rock (Colo.) Douglas County High School was on spring break last week. While many are taking it easy, he was on his way to see a couple of schools that have offered and one that he hoped would offer.

"I went up to see Nebraska," Moudy said. "I was also up to see Kansas and Kansas State too while we were in the area over spring break."

The Huskers hosted Moudy on a day that there wasn't practice. Normally, players come to town to get a look at a practice, but it didn't affect Moudy all that much.

"I visited the day they didn't have a practice. I was there on a Thursday and they had just practiced on a Wednesday. It's OK though."

The visit without a practice really confirmed things for Moudy. Past the material part of the program, the coaching staff really were a big hit to Moudy on his visit.

"I love Nebraska. It's always been a favorite. What I saw up there really confirmed my thoughts and opinions about them and how nice it was.

"Besides the great facilities there in Lincoln the coaches are amazing. They really have their priorities right and I think they have high expectations for their school."

Coming from Colorado, it's unique that a player from a rival and neighboring state would like Nebraska so much. However, Nebraska has been a school he was interested in after hearing so much from other people.

"When I was talking to the coaches there, Coach Bo Pelini especially, he mirrored what my coach had already told me about Nebraska.

"It was how they carry themselves up there. How they expect for each of their players to play their very best. I have encountered in other schools, but not this strongly."

When Moudy got to Lincoln, he wasn't holding a Nebraska offer. It didn't seem that he would get one either until the Huskers surprised him at the end.

"I got an offer before I left. I got the offer on Thursday. It was the offer that I was really hoping for. They offered me just as the visit had finished. It was very exciting."

The Nebraska staff, notably Barney Cotton, is looking at Moudy to play a couple of positions, but have it in mind that he could play across the entire line.

"Coach Barney Cotton is the one recruiting me and they like me as a left tackle or a left guard, but think that I can play all the way along the line."

Moudy might be a lineman like Husker fans are used to from the 90s. Moudy and his team don't pass a lot and he is asked to do a lot of run blocking. Moudy believes that is his biggest strength.

"I would say finishing blocks and just making sure that I finish the play every time. Coming off of the ball, definitely, and moving my feet after contact I would say.

"I would say that I am definitely a better run blocker. It's so predominant in our offense. We pass one out of ever seven plays and that's why."

While Moudy couldn't see the Huskers in action last week, he will be back in just a couple of weeks to see them play. Conveniently for Nebraska, it might be one of the last trips before a decision is made.

"Definitely, I will be back up for the spring game. I have been talking to my head coach about timing on my commitment and I am eyeing a summer commitment or right before my senior year."

Moudy is quietly becoming one of the top prospects in the state of Colorado as well as one of the top players in the Midwest. "I am holding offers from Stanford, Colorado State, Northwestern, Wyoming, Kansas, Kansas State and now Nebraska as well."

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