Offer #13 is in for Demien

Montee Ball was the coveted recruit last year from Wentzville (Mo.) Timberland, it's one of the guys that was blocking up front for him last year that is getting the attention this year. Nick Demien, a road-grading, 6-foot-6 and 290-pound offensive lineman, picked up offer #13 from Timberland this year and would like to start making up plans to see schools this spring/summer.

People might be able to make the argument about who the real talent might have been on the field last year for Wentzville (Mo.) Timberland. Montee Ball was a highly recruited running back, but he had the benefit of running behind a brick wall like Nick Demien.

Demien, a 6-foot-6 and 290-pound offensive tackle, is a very athletic specimen for a man his size. He is trying to improve that athleticism this off-season by training at the same place that Ball trained at the year before.

"I am doing speed and conditioning training out in Chesterfield," Demien said. "That is what Montee Ball did last year. I want to improve my speed, my strength and the general overall stuff."

Demien acknowledges that he moves around well. It's becoming increasingly important to have tackles, particularly left tackles, that can move so they can get out to block faster defensive ends.

"I would say being able to move around. I consider myself pretty athletic and I can move in any direction generally pretty well. I would consider myself fairly fast for as big as I am."

Last year Demien had a lot of opportunities to run block for Ball, but he says that while he can obviously run block very well that he is equally effective in the pass blocking game.

"I would say that I do both equally well. We did a lot of run blocking for Montee, obviously, and also had a chance to do some pass blocking too. I would say that I do both equally."

Demien said that no official stats were kept last season for offensive lineman, but he did have a good year in the eyes of those that mattered. He earned just about every possible honor as a junior.

"We don't get our stats really as lineman. My coach kind of kept track of some things in his head, but nothing official. I got all-conference, all-district and all-state though last year as a junior."

Demien is sitting on a double-digit offer total and it's growing all the time. Just today he picked up another offer with this one coming from one of the top teams in the PAC 10.

"I am at 13 as of today. I picked one up from UCLA. I also have offers from Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, Alabama, Ole Miss, Florida State and Arkansas."

While Demien has the offers, he doesn't have anything set up yet to get out and see any of the schools. He will, but it's really a thing of doing it when he can.

"I have been trying to, but it's been hard. I haven't given it a lot of thought because it's just too hard to do right now. I don't have any plans as of right now. Of course I would like to get some set up, but that is only if time allows. Most of these places are a ways away and difficult to get to for my mom and me."

The Huskers are one of the 13 schools to offer Demien and he said that no teams are out of it for his services and no teams are really standing out. He has to go through the process to evaluate all the schools.

"Yes, really there isn't a school that is out for me. I really would like to get a look at all the schools and get all of the information on these schools so I can start to compare."

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