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Check out the post-practice notes and audio as the Huskers are just one day away from being wrapped up with regular practices, which will see the finale' of Spring take place this Saturday during the annual Red/White Game.

For the Spring Game you definitely won't see junior running back Roy Helu Jr. Head Coach Bo Pelini said after practice that with the hamstring injury it was simply smarter to sit him versus take a chance. If this had been an actual game Pelini said he could probably go. But it's not, so he won't.

You probably won't see junior linebacker Blake Lawrence either, who continues to sit out following a concussion a few days ago.

One person you will definitely see and probably a whole lot of, is junior quarterback Latravis Washington. Due to the injury to redshirt freshman quarterback Kody Spano, Washington is essentially number two now.

With the teams being divided up equally, according to the Head Coach, first and second team being spread out across both the Red and White squads, Washington could see just as much action as the number one quarterback, junior Zac Lee.

Pelini commented after practice today about true freshman Cody Green that he could see some reps, but it would appear they are going to be bring him along a little more gradually than Washington. Washington himself said that at this particular time he has a very basic understanding of the offense, and he'll look forward to the rest of Spring and then in the Summer, to really get into the playbook before the Fall.

Coach Pelini didn't have a ballpark figure as to the number of recruits he expects to come in, but from our list which continues to grow, it's 25-plus, of those who either have offers are could offers from the Huskers. There will no doubt be a host of addition players, many from within the state itself, who will be attending this game.

Former Miami Hurricane quarterback Robert Marve is also expected in this weekend, but when asked about whether or not the future transfer will be here for certain, Pelini simply said that he "could be."

You can check our pre-practice notes from Chris Emma on some of the goings on as far as who is where with certain units, which could give you somewhat of an idea of how the line-up for Saturday could shake out. Pelini said that while a running clock in the second half is possible, that decision hadn't been made as of yet.

The team will participate in a non-padded practice tomorrow as they do their last preparations for the annual Red/White Game, at 1:00 P.M. central time on Saturday.

Check out the Post-Practice Audio as the Head Coach touches on everything from how the Spring went to what he expects come the Spring Game. And then Latravis Washington talks about his progress as a quarterback, where he sees himself now and how his cousin in the NFL, former Husker cornerback Fabian Washington, talks to him about the new role he is playing on the team.

Post Practice with Bo Pelini

Post Practice with Latravis Washington

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