Options dwindling down

When it all started, Marcus was sitting pretty good. His home state wanted him, Nebraska wanted him and that was only the beginning. Well, his school started losing coaches like you or I lose sleep and that was just the beginning. Marcus Woods recently heard from his home state that things had changed, so he moved on and now, Nebraska comes in the picture. What else could go on for this running back that has lived a lifetime of events in teh world of recruiting?

Marcus Woods (Farmington Hills, MI (Harrison HS))-(RB-5'8-180-4. 4/40) Some people would have no luck if it weren't for bad luck. Unfortunately for Marcus this seems absolutely true when it comes down to this year's recruiting class.

Having received offers originally from his top 3 favorites, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Bowling Green, Marcus seemed on top of the world. Too bad it was short lived, everything began to change in mid November for this Michigan running back. "I know some of it's my fault, I should have decided sooner. The Michigan State thing bothers me a lot they didn't handle it well. Nebraska just got a verbal from someone else, I shouldn't have waited so long."

The downfall began with the firing of the Michigan States head coach; Marcus did make the right move there, waiting to see who would come in. Too his dismay when a coach was hired his offer was rescinded. Bowling Green lost it's head coach as he took the head coaching position in Utah. Now, according to Marcus, Nebraska's offer is no longer valid. "Dan Young called me and said they got a verbal from someone else. I don't blame them at all, I should've committed when everything else started to fall apart."

Marcus's list of favorites no longer has Michigan State nor Nebraska on it, but Bowling Green remains "They are close to home, I know Coach Meyers isn't there anymore, but I'm still considering them." Also, Coach Meyers has been in contact with Marcus from Utah "I might take an official out there. I don't know much about the school or anything like that, but I know coach Meyers and I would consider it." Kansas also has shown great interest in Woods recently, but Marcus is unsure on whether he will visit or not.

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