A diamond in the ruff?

It's the same story all across the country, not everyone gets noticed. Whether it's towns so small nobody notices or schools so large, you get lost in the crowd, some of those "gems" stay just that and the second you realize it, it's too late and they are gone to another direction. That's the situation with Stuart Frazier and the news that comes next could be just what he's waiting for.

Stuart Frazier (Mccook, NE) (5'11-220-4.8/40) Sometimes coming from a small town can hurt a player. They don't get the recognition they deserve because they don't live in a large metropolis and media coverage is lacking. This is the dilemma Stuart had been facing in the past, but things are starting to change.

Currently having no offers doesn't mean he's not hearing from any schools. "I get a ton of mail and several phone calls during the week. This past summer I was wondering if anyone was going to call at all." The closer February comes, the more you can expect his phone to be ringing and Stuart doesn't mind at all "It's nice to get recognized, I live in a small town. It's not about my ego or anything like that. A lot of people helped me get where I am and this is about them as well as it is me."

I asked Stuart what his best attribute was, being a powerful runner and blocker, "I think my explosive lower body is what makes me stand out, I squat almost 550 lbs. Sometimes I just want to see how far I can carry a guy, but he has to hang on good." With an attitude like that, you can see why fullback is a natural position for him.

His list of favorites currently consists of Nebraska, Arizona States, and the Naval Academy. All have been in contact and most want Stuart as a fullback, but Arizona St. along with a few others have showed interest in Stuart playing on the defensive side of the ball "They think I'd be a good middle linebacker. If it was up to me, I'd play offense. I'm a better fit as a fullback than as a linebacker."

Coming from a state (Nebraska) that usually loses very few instate kids to colleges outside that state, I asked Stuart what he thought about walking on at Nebraska if no offer was extended "I've thought it about it. I know fullbacks in the past have walked on then earned scholarships, so that's a possibility. If someone like UNO (Nebraska at Omaha) offered me, I'd still consider walking on at Nebraska. But if a major college offered I don't think I could say no to them."

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