Marve arriving for visit to Lincoln today

It's certainly not the most ideal road to take, but it's been an interesting one for former Miami Huricaine quarterback Robert Marve. Since leaving Miami he and his father, Eugene, have been looking around to see what college might fit him best. And his next stop brings him to Lincoln this weekend for the Spring Game.

A trip that started with playing one year at Miami, where he started 11 games, throwing for 1,293 yards and nine touchdowns, now find its way to Lincoln, Nebraska. That was preceded by visit to South Florida and Purdue as Robert and his family find a new place to play following his decision to transfer from his original school.

For the Marve family it's not what they had planned, but they have long put the short career at Miami behind them and are looking for opportunities elsewhere. While Lincoln has been a school that Robert has had on his list since he announced he would transfer, the family says they still have a lot to learn. "I really don't know much about them. But that's what this trip is for – to see what it's all about other than the stuff you already know," said Robert's father, Eugene Marve, who played linebacker for almost a dozen years in the NFL. "I mean, who wouldn't be excited to see a place like that, with the kind of tradition they have?"

Marve,  who would lose a year of eligibility due to NCAA transfer rules, would have two years to play with his future school of choice. Nebraska finds themselves on the short list, which also includes the aforementioned duo along with Arizona State and Texas Tech, the two remaining teams on his list of official visits. At 6-1 and around 200 pounds, Eugene said of his son's style and the offense that might fit him best, would probably be something a little more spread out, but allowed him to do something with his feet. "I think the "Spread" suits him, but it would be the kind of spread that he'd be able to use his feet and work his magic if the play breaks down," the elder Marve said. "I know what he'd really like is something that just allowed him to make plays."

While Marve didn't know much about what Nebraska did himself, he said from what Robert himself told him along with information he got from other coaches, they seem to be a decent fit. "It looks about right, I'd say. It seems like that the quarterback can do all those things. But that's what we are going to see for ourselves," he said of his visit, which will start when they arrive today.

Nebraska recently took a hit at the position as redshirt freshman Kody Spano went down with a torn ACL. Spano is perhaps not even likely to make it back for the Fall, and what's left is junior Zac Lee, the now-obvious choice at number one. But behind him is junior Latravis Washington, a prep-QB, but a converted college linebacker. And then there is the true freshman Cody Green.

Seeing as how Marve himself couldn't play until next year and not this year, it's all fairly irrelevant to any immediate decision. But even the older Marve saw that they had a bit of a situation there in Big Red country. "Well, it looks like they probably need a quarterback, but I know that they have some good ones there," he said. "I have heard a lot of really good things about that freshman, Cody Green."

Eugene himself said that it has been close to three weeks since he personally talked to any of the coaches from Nebraska. But for his son the interest has always been there. But like Texas Tech, a school that Robert will visit probably toward the end of this month, which should take place shortly before a decision which they expect to make in early May, there is a lot they still need to figure out. "We've never been there, and you hear a lot of great things, but you really have to see all this stuff for yourself," Eugene said. "But that's what these trips are for.

"We want to see the places, figure out what's best, what we all can agree on and where Robert feels the most comfortable. It's a little like recruiting all over again, so you just want to do the best research you can and figure out the best place to go.

"That's what we're doing."

Also in attendance will be future Husker quarterback Taylor Martinez. He'll join a host of other visitors, all unofficial, some with offers and some who could see one down the road. Check out our full list as we give you the skinny on who is coming in. And stay tuned for our game reports and then we'll catch up with a lot of these visitors to see just how it went.

Could Nebraska have another future QB come out of this weekend?

We'll just have to wait and see.

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