A big gut-check for Moudy

When offensive lineman Mike Moudy took his first visit to Nebraska, it was like any other trip. The second one, though, yesterday – that was the deal-clincher. That was the one where he said he felt that Nebraska was the place he had to be.

Long ago I lost track of the number of recruits I have talked to.

It's a lot.

Through that time you get some themes of what most look for in their potential college of choice. Sure, there is the depth chart, the tradition, the fans and even the social life comes into play for some of them. But close to all of them have one thing they want to see, or to put it a better way, what they want to feel.

It's nothing you can really describe. It's that feeling that you get when something is right. You don't have a name for it. You can't define it. You just know.

That's certainly the wish for most recruits, but I have also lost count of the recruits who became commits for many of the other reasons, some seemingly content with their choice, but there just didn't seem to be that feeling they might have hoped to get.

Douglas County High's (Castle Rock, CO) Mike Moudy doesn'thave to worry about that. He got it, and then some.

"The first time I visited here, I just thought to myself that this was like any other school, really. It was a place that I was going to throw in the list and figure it out when I thought I knew enough about the schools I was looking at," Moudy said of his visit during the latter parts of March. "But that wasn't how I felt when I visited for the Spring Game. Not even close."

The Spring Game had its usual atmosphere. Well, "usual" for Nebraska. There were over 70 thousand in attendance, and if you didn't know who was playing or even have a sense of the time of year, you might very well assume that this was the early part of the regular season.

Yeah, that's nice, but that wasn't it. That wasn't the feeling.

Then there were the offensive linemen Moudy might potentially play with, future freshmen Jesse Coffey, Jeremiah Sirles, Brent Qvale and Nick Ash all in attendance, all of whom Moudy hung around with during his time in Lincoln.

No, that wasn't it either.

Of course you have to throw in the coaches, a group of individuals who Moudy talked about as "amazing, knowledgeable and just good people."

Nope, that wasn't quite it either.

Actually, it was all of it, perhaps the sum being something he couldn't explain, and even as we talked he still couldn't really put his finger on it. But he knew what it meant when it happened. "I went with my gut.That's all I can say, and it was screaming at me to commit to Nebraska," he said. "I mean, they have great facilities here, unbelievable fans and the coaches are just incredible. But I honestly couldn't say that other schools I was seriously looking at like Stanford and Kansas State, didn't have that, too.

"I just knew I had to be at Nebraska."

I got to see Moudy up close as he was walking the sidelines with players who at the time right before the actual game, weren't officially his teammates of the future. He fit right in. Sometimes you read measurables and wonder, but his listed height of 6 foot, 6 inches and his listed weight of around 295 – I'd say he was all of that and maybe a bit more. He fit right in amongst the group of walking Redwoods.

He feels even more at home now.

"Those guys are big, and it's great to know I will be playing with them. I think it's a great group that with the ones they have already there, it's going to be a solid unit for the future," Moudy said.

Even after hearing his reasoning for committing to the Huskers, a team he chose over the aforementioned Cardinal and Wildcats, the inevitable question comes about just how solid he is, if he'll take any more visits, etc.

Moudy isn't offended by the question, because he understands the fluidity of recruiting nowadays. But he said that there is nothing fluid about his pledge to the big red.

"The feeling I got here is something you can't expect, but you can't really describe once it happens. But I got it. I do know that," He said. "There are no more visits, no more schools. I am done with recruiting as of now. I'm going to be a Husker."

Moudy joins fellow lineman Andrew Rodriguez in the class of 2010, as well as the most recent commit, cornerback Anterrio Sloan.

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