Dynamic receivers take in Spring Game

This weekend Nebraska hosted a number of recruits, some who might be coming from the edge of the radar screen to others who might be smack dab in the middle. Two players who are squarely in everyone's sites were wide receivers Marcus Lucas and Keeston Terry, and both talked about their visit to see the Spring Game in Lincoln.

Marcus Lucas hails from Missouri and is ranked by Scout.com as the No. 13 receiver in the country. Keeston Terry hails from Missouri and is ranked by Scout.com as the 22nd best WR in the land. Two big-time receivers who are getting a big-time look from the Huskers.

As both are now back in Missouri each had a chance to think about what they saw as Nebraska held their last practice which was in front of just over 77 thousand fans.

That in and of itself was something to both of them. "It's pretty crazy that many people show up for a practice. It's not even a real game and you'd think it was by looking at the crowd," said the 6-4, 185 pound Lucas. Terry agreed, saying "The fact that many people show up for that tells you how much that program means to the people in that state. It's something else."

The atmosphere is nice, but even in a game-like atmosphere this is kind of business trip for both. For Terry he's got the offer from the home-state team the Missouri Tigers, as well as most of the rest of the Big 12. Lucas can say the same thing. Terry is listed at 6-3 and Lucas goes just a tad over 6-4. Between the two of them they totaled over 2,100 yards receiving last season, Terry also boasting just over 500 yards on the ground.

They are legit offensive weapons, so when they were watching both teams at the Spring Game, the offense was where much of their attention lied. The results were mixed. "I like the fact that it's a pro-style offense. When you think about the NFL not a lot of receivers make it there from strictly "Spread" systems," Terry said. Lucas agreed, but said that what he saw at Nebraska probably isn't accurate to what fans will ultimately see, for one simple reason. "They have new quarterbacks who haven't really run the system. There are going to be times where it isn't going to look that good," he said. "But when it comes to the offense itself, if you are good the system doesn't matter. People will find you."

It's funny when you hear about a place and then get a chance to visit that place down the road. Terry and Lucas said that they had both heard plenty about Nebraska before they ever stepped foot inside the Husker state. And both said that what they heard and ultimately seen matched up pretty well. "Yeah, it was pretty much everything everyone said it would be. The fans, the facilities and just the enthusiasm for the program," Lucas said. Terry added "It's funny how much you hear about it, but to see it pretty much just the way everyone said it would be, that's something else."

Both are going to be hotly recruited athletes over the Summer and especially into the Fall. It's something each of the duo has thought about when figuring out where they want to go. Both seem to think that it would be nice to get their decision out of the way, because the attention will only increase, thus the amount of distractions could increase as they get into their final year of prep ball.

But there's another similarity between the dynamic Show-Me State duo.

They will make their decision when the time is right…whenever that will be.

"When it feels right I'll do it. I thought I might go until the Fall, but when I feel there is a place that fits me the best, I might just commit whenever that will be," said Lucas who has now unofficially visited Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri, Terry having visited all those schools as well. "I'm more interesting in making sure I make the best college choice for me, and I don't know when that's going to happen."

"If there is a perfect situation out there for me, then that's where I'll go. But you never know if you are going to see that or feel that," Terry said. "I have a lot of schools to consider, and each has so many positives that you have to think pretty hard about what means the most to you."

As for where Nebraska stands right now in respect to their lists, this is where the duo differs a little in the end. Lucas said of Nebraska that "I'm not saying I didn't like their offense or what they were doing, because I know they have a lot of inexperienced guys. And I am definitely not ready to cross anyone off my list right now," while Terry felt a touch stronger about his impression of the big red, saying that "Nebraska is definitely up there with the rest of the teams I am looking at. They have everything I want, very enthusiastic coaches and a real goal for the future. I think they are going to be really good down the road."

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