Staley star has eyes set on the future

For someone trying to garner recruiting attention it isn't a good thing missing seasons. Well, Kansas City, Missouri's (Staley HS) Jayron Robinson missed his entire sophomore year. It didn't stop him from having a huge junior year, though, where Robinson, playing at a brand new school, made a solid impression.

"I had 123 tackles last year with six interceptions, and I think I had one interception, maybe two," said Robinson, whose Falcons finished 9-3 their very first year, and Robinson said they did it without a single senior on the team.

At 6-1.5 and 223 pounds you might project this linebacker to the middle, and in a 3-4 defensive scheme in which Robinson plays now he's a interior backer for certain. Think again as Robinson spends his time on the outside, and he thinks it caters to some of his strengths at the position. "I think I have good side-to-side speed, so I don't have any problem running down a play," he said.

But what comes at the end of the play is why Robinson says he plays the game in the first place. "I love to hit. I also play running back here, but defense is the side I love, because there's nothing like really being able to hit someone," he said.

After missing his sophomore season Robinson doesn't necessarily feel like he's playing catch up, but he said that last year was the first step toward where he's trying to go. A college, of course, which he's already qualified for as he boasts a 3.89 GPA with a recent score of 20 on his ACT. Even though that's good enough to qualify him to play at the next level, Robinson said he'll retake his ACT in June.

It's the scholarship he wants though. He's going to get an education, and he could no doubt qualify for a number of them given for his prowess on the academic side. But to get one for playing football, that's something he'd like to see. And he would love to see it come from Nebraska.

Yesterday was his second trip to Lincoln, his first taking place during Spring practices as the Huskers hit the practice field once again, trying to keep the momentum going from the victory over Clemson in the Gator Bowl on January 1.

The recent and somewhat dramatic turnaround for Nebraska is nice, but Robinson said that wasn't what got him to go back to Nebraska for a second look at the program. "It's just everything. That place is amazing, from the town to the people, the coaches to the program itself – I'd say it's definitely my favorite school right now," he said.

From the point that Nebraska starting sending him letters, the Huskers adding to the interest he had already been getting from Kansas State, Robinson didn't need much more to take a harder look into Lincoln. Most of his conversations have been with Nebraska's Recruiting Coordinator, Ted Gilmore, who is also the team's Wide Receiver's Coach. But just from that Jayron said he really likes what he sees.

"I can't really think of anything I don't like about them. It's the kind of program I think anyone would want to play for. I know I would love to get an offer from them," he said. "They told me they are keeping an eye on me, and it seems they want to see how I do my senior year."

Robinson has already been preparing for that, his focus being on getting bigger, faster and stronger, not just as an athlete, but as a player. But he knows that with just one solid year of Varsity ball under his belt, his senior season is going to be huge. That's fine with him, because mentally he's prepared for the challenges, and physically, he believes he's on his way. Now he's just working while waiting for another opportunity.

"I know what I can do, and I know that there's always room to get better, because there's no time where you can't improve how you play," he said. "So, I just keep working as hard as I can to better every part of my game. I have a lot of confidence, and if I have to wait until my season before schools offer, that's fine. I don't mind. When that time comes, I will show them what I can do."

Robinson said that he's gotten recent interest from Northwestern as well to add to the attention he's already getting from the Huskers and the Wildcats. Currently he doesn't have any camps planned. He had hoped to attend Nebraska's team camp in June, but that's when he's scheduled to retake his ACT. So, Robinson said "That's just something that is up in the air right now."

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