Back from the All-Star game

Just back from his All-Star game in San Antonio, we caught up with Tommy to see how the game went and of course, to see how the recruiting process was going. How close is he to making a decision?

Tommy Zbikowski- Buffalo Grove, IL –(QB/S-6'0-190-4.4/40-29"vert-320 bench) Decision time is coming for one of the nations top high school recruits this year. "If it takes me to signing day I would be surprised. I don't want to say I'm in a rush to get it over with, but I would say in the next couple weeks I'm going to shut off the phone and just think for a week and decide where I'm going to go." For Nebraska, Iowa, and Notre Dame this means landing one of the best two-way players in the country.

Tommy has no plans to take his remaining two visits and will decide from those schools he has already visited. "I think I have a good idea from those three I've been too. I'm also getting kind of tired from all the traveling that I've been doing recently." So Boston College and Arizona St., who he considered visiting now will have to look elsewhere to fill their needs.

Much has been made about Tommy's relationship with Tuner Gill at Nebraska and how he views the current situation with Gill being considered for the now vacant OC position, I asked Tommy about this "I like Turner a lot, we have a good friendship. I do want him to get that position and stay at Nebraska. If he doesn't get it or leaves I will effect my decision. I'm not going to say I won't go there if that happens, but I will have to consider that in my decision process." So they key for Nebraska may rest on the future OC.

Also, I had a chance to ask Tommy about playing QB at Iowa, which has become a recently development "They aren't looking at me as a quarterback, they said if they need a QB they would consider looking at me, but they still are recruiting me for defense, not offense. Nebraska is the only school that has come out and said they want me to play offense." Tommy still speaks highly about the QB position, but again, wouldn't go as far as to say he prefers it to playing defense. "It gets in your blood (Playing QB) you control everything, I like being in that position. I'm not going into college thinking playing quarterback for an option team will hurt my chances at the NFL. I want to do what makes me happy and go to a place that makes me happy. I don't want to go somewhere and be miserable only to get a better shot at the NFL. The NFL isn't a guarantee for anybody, no matter how good you are or what position you play."

Speaking of positions, Tommy played a new one this past Sunday in San Antonio "I got the play cornerback for the first time. I did kind of like it for only practicing there for a week. It's the one on one aspect that I like. Football is a team sport, but matching up like that against one other guy is the kind of thing I like." While he did enjoy the new position, don't expect him to consider it at the next level, safety and QB are the only positions.

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