Oh, the Irony

If you love irony, the drama of the Husker draft was for you. OK, there wasn't much drama. There wasn't much of anything. But there was irony, and perhaps some of it wasn't all that enjoyable for many of the devout Husker Nation.

In the 5th round with the 158th pick, the first Husker off the board was none other than linebacker Cody Glenn.

The irony?

Being a first-year linebacker and then
getting kicked off the team, didn't stop
Cody Glenn from going first of all
Huskers in the Draft.

He didn't even finish the season after getting kicked off for what he said was an issue with him selling tickets. The irony continues, but it's not a new irony to Husker fans, because he got drafted as a linebacker, even though he played just one-third of his entire Husker career as a running back. So, while he admittedly knew nothing about playing the position of linebacker, had just basic knowledge of the system and was more an athletic missile than he was a ball-hawk, he was still the only Husker taken before the sixth round.

In the 6th round with the 193rd pick offensive lineman Matt Slauson gets picked up by the New York Jets.

The irony?

Well, there's so much here you could cut it with a butter knife.

First, Bill Callahan, the huggable-loveable former Husker Head Coach, is the Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach for the Jets. This is the same Bill Callahan whose regime took the Huskers into depths of despair and losing like they haven't seen in over 40 years.

It also happens to be the head man of the staff who Slauson himself said treated players like they were sides of beef and not players. It was a business, not a game. It wasn't about the loyalty. It was about the bottom line. Now Slauson says Billy C is the best offensive line coach in the country.

Slauson has Callahan to thank for
opportunity at Nebraska, and it would
seem he can thank him again for
opportunity in the NFL.

First, don't think we are dogging on Slauson. We aren't. In fact he might very well be right. There wasn't a single person I ever talked to who said that the college game fit Mr. Callahan. They all seemed to agree that the NFL was where he should be.

Now that it is indeed a business, and that the bottom line is indeed all that matters, Slauson being reunited with the harbinger of Husker doom, might actually work out.

The irony continues with one Bill Callahan as the Jets also picked up defensive end Zach Potter in free agency.

Yes, there is a little more irony considering who Potter will be playing for, at least in some respects. But I think the irony could go beyond that.

When Potter was being recruited out of high school Potter himself made no bones about that that he was going to play defensive end and that was that. That despite at least some talk from colleges who thought his great frame and solid athleticism would make for one hell of an offensive lineman.

But unless you are at the very least a first-day pick in the NFL Draft, you will play what they want you to play, and we will have to admit that Slauson could have Callahan pegged in one regard, and that the guy was a stellar offensive line coach both with the Eagles and the Raiders. Don't kid yourself thinking that Potter couldn't play that position. He could, and I think he would have a home. Like everyone thought even before he got into college this kid has all the makings of a solid guy down in the trenches.

Only this time it would be on the other side, the side he wasn't exactly thrilled about coming out of high school.

The irony doesn't stop there, and continuing the free-agency market we find running back Marlon Lucky.

It actually wouldn't have been ironic had he gone to the Jets. There was no bigger fan of the former North Hollywood High School standout than one Bill Callahan. With Callahan's penchant for throwing it to the running back coming out of the backfield, especially on those screens, Lucky was potentially a perfect fit.

The irony comes from where he ultimately went. Remember when Maurice Purify was feeling out the free agency market as well? It was my belief that with the recent hiccups off the field he needed a place with structure, organization, a little order so that he could get his career and life on the right track.

Then he gets picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals. That's not irony. That's a disaster in the making.

But Purify is still there, still doing well and is expected to be part of the regular rotation at wideout this season.

Lucky could use a little of the same thing. A good solid foundation of people who will be there to help when needed, offer advice when necessary and lead Lucky down the slippery slope that is life in the NFL. Going to the biggest dysfunctional family in the professional ranks wouldn't seem like a good fit.

Let's hope for him that his road in two years has the same seeming stability Purify's has now. OK, so there wasn't much irony with Nathan Swift to the Broncos. They have a new quarter in Kyle Orton, and what he needs are dependable players who will give him everything they have every play.

That's Swift.

There wasn't much Irony when Ty Steinkuhler got picked up by the Bengals, because while the program as a whole is the NFL version of Cybil, Steinkuhler is grounded enough that this shouldn't faze him a bit.

And even though the Jacksonville Jaguars picked up almost a completely new team in free agency, wide receiver Tood Peterson finding his name amongst that enormous list wasn't ironic. Point of fact it wasn't surprising either. The kid's too smart for someone not to give him a shot.

Correction: As for Joe Ganz, who we said and read earlier was signed by the Bucs, but has in fact signed with the Redskins. Well, that's not ironic at all, so with Washington let's just hope he gets a fair shot.

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