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One of the most sought after players in the Dallas metroplex can say that not only because he has a lot of offers, but it's because what positions colleges see him playing at the next level. Jatashun Beachum from Dallas (Texas) A Maceo Smith HS is being looked at as a quarterback, to running back, to offensive lineman to defensive lineman.

One of the most dynamic players in Dallas is Dallas (Texas) A Maceo Smith athlete, Jatashun Beachum. Beachum has been busy this spring working on a lot of different areas to get ready for this fall.

"The spring is going good," Beachum said. "I wanted to work on my strength. I am getting stronger. I am also doing conditioning. I am running a lot. I am trying to stay in shape. I am really just working on my feet to get faster."

Beachum stars for A Maceo Smith at the nose position on defense. He is the key to their defense because they run the 3-4 and that defense is basically geared around a real stopper up-front.

"We run a 3-4 and I play the nose. I come off the ball hard, real hard from the nose. I play more gap responsibility, but I do have the ability to get after the quarterback."

While A Maceo Smith likes Beachum up front on the "D-Line" they used him sparingly on that side of the ball saving him more for offense.

"I didn't get to play a lot of defensive tackle last year. I would get into the game on fourth downs and for goal lines. My coach really just wanted to use me on offense."

Beachum is getting looked at to play a variety of positions in college. At first, every school liked him at defensive tackle, but then some saw his offensive film and it really opened their eyes.

"At first, most schools liked me as a defensive tackle. Now, it's getting pretty even. A lot of schools like me at running back. And now, I have an offer from Oregon to play quarterback.

"Florida wants me to come there and play running back. Miami is taking a wait and see approach. They just want to get me in there and see where I fit. People are looking at me to play multiple positions."

That's right folks. Beachum is being looked at to play anywhere from quarterback on offense to defensive tackle on defense. "You are going to be surprised. People like me at quarterback, running back, defensive tackle, defensive end, tight end and linebacker."

Beachum will be a three year starter at quarterback for A Maceo Smith. In one game last year, homecoming in fact, Beachum put up around 650 total yards of offense.

"I have been the starting quarterback since my sophomore year. I am like a 6-foot-2 and 265-pound quarterback with 4.6 speed. One game I threw for 331 yards and rushed for over 200 more."

Obviously, a lot of teams have picked up on the possibilities of Beachum on their collegiate teams and have extended him an offer. Beachum is well over 10 offers now and from teams all over the nation.

"I am up to about 14 offers right now. I have Miami, Florida, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Iowa, Utah and Wake Forest."

While Beachum is sitting on 14 offers he does have a top five, currently. Beachum says what position a school wants him to play is of little consequence to his decision.

"My top five are Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida and Arizona, maybe. It wouldn't matter which position a school wants me to play at the next level. I will do whatever and give it my all. It wouldn't matter."

Nebraska has found their way into Beachum's top five for a number of reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons is that his old football coach was actually a four-year letter winner at Nebraska in the early 80's.

"I like Nebraska. Nebraska likes me as a defensive tackle. It started out as a running back, but they are taking more defensive tackles this year. I don't have any problem with that.

"I like Nebraska. I had a friend whose dad used to play for Nebraska, Nate Mason (Nebraska letter winner 1980-83). He was my coach at Greenville High. His son was a friend of mine.

"He was my head coach at Greenville. Greenville was my hometown and I wanted a change, I wanted to move, and see how it was in Dallas. It's faster. It's better down here."

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