HC Update - DT, Donnell Livingston

After all the visits to all the places, unofficial and official alike, you have a sense of what you like, what you don't and sometimes, even where you want to go. There's really no substitute for doing some firsthand investigation work and after it's all said and done, you sit down, analyze all that data and finally, after all that, you can make your choice. You can make it, because it's yours to make. Right?

Donnell Livingston - DT - 6-2, 293, 5.1/40 - Sarasota, FL - Nebraska, Ole Miss and North Carolina. Those are the choices for Donnell Livingston. He has yet to visit Ole Miss , but after this weekend, he will have taken trips to all his schools and will be ready to make a decision.

If it were only that easy though, because for Donnell, he's not just making this decision for him, but for his family as well as they are looking at these schools just as hard as he is.

You've heard this story before and on many occasions. Sometimes they both agree, but sometimes, parent and son don't see quite eye to eye on just what school is best for them or the one they should be at. For Donnell, he's using that influence to gauge just which team leads for him right now. "If I had to commit now, it would be to North Carolina." Donnell said.

And why?

"My mom likes North Carolina more than the rest right now. I mean, she's the one signing the papers and she won't sign anything if I go to a school that she doesn't like."

And don't be too hard on his mom. His mom is like any other protective mother. She wants what she believes is best for her son. Who wouldn't, and apparently, UNC is it, at least right now. Whatever she's seen or experienced, North Carolina has put the space between itself and at the very least, Nebraska.

What's that leave for Donnell then? Ole Miss. A school he's heard a lot about, wants to see just what it is about and of course, sit down with his family and figure out what will inevitably suit him the best.

In some circles, it's called pressure. In others, it's simply called a parent being a parent. In this circle, we will simply call it a big plus for North Carolina and a significant obstacle for anyone other than them.

It might not end up being a fight to the finish, rather just waiting for the finish to end. As it stands, North Carolina is easily the team to beat.

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