About ready to pull the trigger

It's almost that time for most recruits, that time where they make that pledge. For some, it's closer than others. For Sam, it's but a visit away and he's ready to say he's had enough of the recruiting process and pull that proverbial trigger. He's got a really narrowed list now though. It is down to a final two.

Sam Baker- Tustin, CA-(OL-6'5-320-5.2/40) Having just played in the All American Bowl in San Antonio this past Sunday, Sam is now ready to get down to business. "I'm waiting for the Ohio St staff to call me back, it doesn't look like I'm going to visit there this weekend." Instead Sam will be traveling with his high school coach to UCLA to meet the new staff there. "It's nothing official, my coach just thought it best if I take a look there."

So where does this leave everyone else? Nebraska and Arizona St., were looking to get visits as well from Sam, but things have changed. "Right now I like USC, a lot. I'm going to give UCLA a fair chance this weekend, but when I get back (From UCLA, this Sunday) I'm 90% sure I'm going to make up my mind." I asked Sam if he would still visit Nebraska and Arizona State just to make sure he felt comfortable with the decision "No, I won't take any other visits if I commit this weekend. I don't need to waste another schools time and money on an official visit if I know where I'm going."

The only official Sam has taken this year has been to Oregon and his impression was not favorable." Don't get me wrong Eugene is a nice place. But that just isn't the place for me. I didn't feel like I fit in or belonged there. The players and the staff were great, but there's no way I would spend 4 years of my life there." Sam has been to USC on several unofficial visits and he feels comfortable there "That's the kind of place I'm looking for. I'm going to be living somewhere for 4 years. Feeling comfortable with the town and campus is the number one thing for me."

When I asked about his trip to San Antonio you could just tell by his voice he had a good time. "I learned a lot about football and recruiting when I was down there. But, the biggest thing I learned is about pass blocking. We don't do that at my school and I know where ever I decide to play, I'm going to need to learn."

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