Leaning toward one for right now

It was certainly no secret that Missouri prep wide receiver Keeston Terry didn't want to make a career out of recruiting. Ideally, he is hoping to have his decision done just as soon as he feels it's right. But he has new interest coming in. So, does that change his plans, and does he have a leader right now?

Evaluation time is upon us.

That means colleges all over the country are on the phones and hitting the road as they recruit and scout for the future. It's a chance for them to get their first real conversations with some players and with others, get to know them a little more.

Blue Springs HS (Blue Springs, MO) wide receiver Keeston Terry has already seen a bit of a flurry there. "Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have called, and I know Oklahoma came by," Terry said. "And I have started to get a lot of interest from Notre Dame and Virginia."

Those are some names, and Terry said that he has certainly been excited about some of the schools showing him the attention. "You get excited every time a school comes into the picture that wasn't there before. It just feels like you have been doing the right things," Terry said. "But every time I hear about them or read something from them, I have to sit back and think about it and compare it to the schools already on my list."

Squarely on that list already are the home-state Tigers, of course, and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, both programs he's seen up close. You can add Kansas and Kansas State to that list, too, all four having offered.

As of right now, though, Terry said that he does have a team that's sticking out to him right now. "Right now I'd say I am leaning toward Nebraska. Just everything they have, to the offense they run and the fans, it was just a great place," he said. "When Notre Dame jumped into the picture I was pretty excited about that. But after I sat back and thought about it a lot more, I'd still have to say that Nebraska has the edge."

The added interest could put a crimp on the timeframe, though, Terry wanting to make as early a decision as he could, but not doing it so early he left too many potential programs out. But he admits that those schools who could be potential programs, have an ever-tightening calendar. "Before the end of the Summer, if a school hasn't really shown me that much interest, I don't know how much I will look at them at that point," Terry said. "I'd like to get this decision out of the way as soon as I can.

"But making the right decision is the most important thing, and there is still a lot left to do."

One of those things to do is head back up to Nebraska, to do something he said he's already done with Missouri. "With Missouri I just took one day to head up there, get a better feel for the place and learn more about the academics and those kinds of things. And I want to head up to Nebraska to do that, too," he said. "I talked to Coach Gilmore (Nebraska wide receivers coach Ted Gilmore), and I think we are working something out as far as when."

As for the actual and ultimate decision, Terry wishes he knew, but right now he simply doesn't. "We'll see. You want to feel good about where you are going to go, and I still have some looking around to do. I know it won't be until after Summer, for sure," he said. "I'd like to get it done, but I want to get it right. So, if it takes a bit more time that's fine. I will just make sure I am going to the place I think fits me the best."

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