Former teammate of current Husker with offer

Elisha Olabolde is a name that has been steadily climbing the popularity charts, this Cedar Hill High School (Cedar Hill, TX) standout being looked at and offered as both a corner and a safety. One of his most recent offers came from the Huskers, and it's good for Olabode, because if he wants to know anything about them, he simply has to ask a former teammate, who is a current player on the team.

Recruiting is about feel.

Do you feel that a place is right for you? Do you feel that special something between the coaches and yourself when it comes to the kind of relationship that you think could blossom over the next four to five years? So often you hear recruits say that when it feels right they are going to make their decision.

However, it's about information, too.

You may be downright giddy about the relationships, but if the depth chart isn't to your liking, the distance isn't good for you or you have a problem with the weather, it simply might not work. So, as with anything the more you know the better.

Cornerback/safety prospect Elisah Olabode has found himself needing to know more than he did. Well, at least when it comes down to breaking down the schools. The offers keep coming in, and he's finding himself scouring the internet to learn and more and more teams.

It's eight offers now, coming from Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona, Louisiana Tech, UTEP, SMU, Tulsa and Nebraska.

The Huskers were one of the more recent offers, but it was an offer that Olabode said he was excited to see. "I was really excited when I got the offer. Nebraska is just one of those great traditional programs," he said. "And I have a friend who was a track teammate of mine a couple of years ago, Anthony Blue."

Blue, coming off a season where he had to sit out the entire year due to an injury, is slated to be at the very least on the two-deep at corner this Fall. That is the same position Elisha could end up at, as well. But between what Nebraska has told him along with everyone else, wherever he goes it might be just a matter of seeing what position fits him best. "I think they are all looking at me to play corner or safety, which is fine with me. I don't mind playing either one," said the 5-10, 175 lbs. Oladobe who finished his junior season with 88 tackles, two interceptions and three fumble recoveries. "I think you have to be physical for both, which I think is one of my biggest strengths."

Because he's gotten so much attention already, Olabode said that recruiting has been hard to really focus in on right now. He's opting to try and let it sink in before delving too much into the process. Between all the mail he gets, and now with Evaluation Period upon us and schools like Arizona and Kansas already coming by to take a look-see, he figures that's about the best way to go. "It's all a blur right now. It's kind of hard to think about the schools, because here comes one more and then another," he said. "Which is great, but I'm just sitting back a bit and taking it in, so I don't get too far ahead of myself."

The one thing Elisha said he is not waiting on, though, is what most kids in the Lonestar State seemingly covet almost obsessively, the second they realize that football may be their thing. It's the call on the phone or the letter in the mail telling them that the University of Texas wants them. Olabode said that he's not waiting, and he's even thinking about doing something entirely different. "Part of me just wants to get out of the state of Texas, and go out and experience something different. Just to see what life is like someplace else," he said. "I don't know though. It's still early, and I haven't thought a lot about it."

When it comes to unofficial visits he might make over the Summer, Elisha said that he would like to, but has nothing set in concrete as of right now. As for team camps he said that is an option too, once he sees who wants him to attend. But that's where it's at right now, gathering information, getting to know who is coming after him so he can hopefully get that feel for the place that fits him.

As for any favorites right now as to who that might be?

Elisha said there was none. "I don't have any favorites right now. I am just taking things step-by-step."

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