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One of the top receiving prospects in the Dallas metro area is Eddie Johnson from Midlothian (Texas). Last year, he had Bryce Petty throwing the ball to him and this year he is talking about the same school that Petty chose to sign with. Johnson is still sitting on close to 10 offers and is planning on taking some trips this summer.

The swine flu has some school districts and schools shut down in the Dallas metroplex, but Eddie Johnson and Midlothian (Texas) are still in school. Spring is going well and the work that Johnson is putting in is paying off.

"The spring is going pretty good," Johnson said. "I wanted to improve my speed, but I have been handling that pretty well. I wanted to work on my quickness too."

As a wide receiver, Johnson has good size and speed. Johnson goes about 6-foot-3 and 185-pounds and also touts a high 4.5 to low 4.6 40-time to go with that size.

"I would say going up and competing for the ball is what I do best. When the ball goes up, I know that it's mine. I can beat my competition off of my first move.

"I also have soft hands and can catch the ball real well. I am not afraid to go to the middle either. I can do it all as a wide receiver."

Like so many skill players, Johnson has to move around a little bit on the field to try and create some match-up problems with the defense. Defenses need to keep their eyes on Johnson though.

"I play outside, play inside, motion out from the backfield and line up in the backfield sometimes. They move me around to keep the defenses on edge."

There are already close to 10 offers on the table for Johnson with seemingly more to follow. "I have eight or nine offers or so. I know that I have offers from Baylor, Tulsa, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona and I am going to get one from Texas A&M soon."

Johnson is listed as being a Baylor commitment. He has been down to see a couple of practices, knows about their current quarterback and knows their future quarterback who was at Midlothian last year, Bryce Petty.

"I really like Baylor. They are coming up and doing pretty well. They have some good athletes and are going to surprise some people.

"I would also say Missouri a little bit, but Baylor is my number one. Baylor has that passing offense with Robert Griffin. I have been to a couple of their practices."

Johnson is look for a school that will use him as a receiver, a lot. He wants to go where they will air it out and is also set on winning and working hard.

"I want to go to a school that will put the ball in the air. I also want to go to a school that will take me to the top and is dedicated. I don't want to play around. I want to work."

The Huskers are still giving chase to Johnson and Johnson is responding. Johnson has heard a lot about Nebraska and is planning on taking a trip there this summer around a summer camp to check it out.

"Coach Tim Beck is the coach that is recruiting me. I have heard a lot about Nebraska. I have heard it's a great school, but I don't know a lot about them. I am going to take a trip up there this summer around one of the camps."

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