Is he or isn't he?

Yeah, of course he's a commit. That's what everyone is saying. Calvin Roberts is a Husker. He said it himself. Right? Check out our "Quick Hits" update where we give you the "skinny" and nothing but.

Spoke with Calvin briefly tonight. Here's the points of interest.

1-No he's not a Husker. He was misqouted. He didn't commit. He's not a soft commit. He's not even really thinking about committing to anyone right now.

2-He will wait until signing day to commit

3-He isn't 100% on the officials he will be taking, some may change at the last moment. Miami, OU, and LSU are likley targets at the moment. Hard to say.

4-He did like Nebraska, alot. But, whens the last time we beat out OU and Miami for a recruit?

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