Almost there

A fitting title this late in the recruiting wouldn't you say? Heck, everyone is almost there, but some are closer than others. And of course, some not as close as they would like to be. J.B. is one of those that though he is taking this process very seriously, he's chomping at the bit to make a decision. Now, who will it be?

J.B. Phillips- (Coffeyville, TX-(Heritage HS))-(TE-6'4-240-4.7/40) Having narrowed his list down to three, Texas two-way star (TE/RE), JB Phillips is getting closer to pulling the trigger. "I just need to get through the next 2 visits and I think I'll have a decision. I don't see me waiting until February to make a decision. All I need is to see the campuses and the schools and from that I should know where I want to be."

Having already visited Nebraska, J.B.'s last two visits will come in the next to weekends. This week he will travel to Stillwater, OK to see Oklahoma State, and next weekend he will travel to Manhattan to see Kansas State. "Nebraska and Oklahoma State are looking at me for tight-end while K-state has been talking to me more about rush-end. I played both ways this year and I've played both positions most of my life. I don't have a preference. What's more important to me in the school itself, not where I'll line up on the football field."

While only have one visit under his belt, JB has declared a leader "Right now, I like Nebraska. I know it's unfair to say that because I haven't visited the other schools. That's why I'm not doing anything without thinking it through first. I'm going to take my visits, make sure it's what I want and then decide probably when I finish up with my K-state visit."

When I asked about the current situation at Nebraska regarding the OC position, Phillips didn't seem really concerned "Whoever they get I'm sure he'll be good. I am kind of waiting for them to name someone. I just want to be sure I can get along with them. It doesn't matter if it someone from the inside or outside. I just want to be sure he and I can have a good working relationship, that's what matters to me." So the "Gill controversy" will have no effect on Phillips, even though Turner Gill is the coach recruiting Phillips.

Phillips is looking for an education first and football second, he loves the game with a passion, but also realizes it can't carry him thru life. "Ill be looking to major in architecture or something business related. Academics are very important to me. I'm a student athlete, not one or the other, but both."

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