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The last name is recognizable. JaMichael Rozier from Klein (Texas) Collins is the son of the Heisman Trophy winner, from Nebraska, Mike Rozier. Getting out of the shadow is difficult to become your own man. Playing the same position doesn't make it any easier. Now, JaMichael is trying to recover from a fairly serious leg injury to get ready for the fall.

JaMichael Rozier has had a limited spring. The good news is that he is running. The bad news for the Klein (Texas) Collins running back is that it has come with no contact.

"The spring is going good," Rozier said. "It's not really that simple. I had a little injury that I needed to come back from. I hurt my knee.

"I broke my tibia plateau. That is right up at the tip of the bone by the knee. I am running, able to suit up full pads, but I can't do contact right now."

"I have been kind of stuck. The spring has been good, but things changed with the injury. I really just needed to try and get back as soon as I could."

Rozier was at camp in Lincoln last year and had a good showing. He returned to Lincoln just about a month or so ago for a junior day.

"I was up for a junior day at Nebraska. It wasn't that long ago, I don't think, it was just recently. I might have been just three weeks or ago.

"I was up for camp last year and I have been up there before that. I had seen a lot of the stuff before. It didn't show a lot of things that were different."

The evaluation period has started and it's been a little slow for Rozier, probably because of the injury. He has received one call though, but expects things will change after spring.

"I got my first call from Army, or West Point, but I think that most people are waiting to see what is going to happen after the spring and with the injury."

Besides the trip to Nebraska, Rozier headed over to College Station earlier in the year. He also has at least four camps planned or in the works that will start in early June.

"Besides going to Nebraska I also took a trip to Texas A&M. I am going to a lot of mini-camps. They start June 6th, I think. I am going to Oklahoma State, TCU and SMU.

"I know that I am going to those three and I am thinking about going back to Nebraska. I think that I am going to go back up there for a camp during the summer."

Besides camp, Rozier wants to get back out and start playing again. He will have that chance this summer during passing league or seven on seven with his team.

"I will be able to get out this summer and play seven on seven. I should be healthy enough to get out there and do that when it comes back around."

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