Likes what he hears about Nebraska

It's not like the Huskers weren't going to be knocking around on the door anyway at Fort Bend (Texas) Hightower for Shaun Lewis anyway. The Huskers have extended offers to two players from Hightower, both on defense, and both like what they are hearing from their recruiting coach. The head coach has been in touch with him too and he really liked that.

At 6-foot-2.5 and 200-pounds, Harvey Jackson has the ideal size for a safety. Jackson is a safety for 4A state runner up, Sugar Land (Texas) Hightower, who is planning on making another run this year.

"It's going good right now," Jackson said. "We just started a week or so ago. We need to get better at every position along with the communication with the DBs because that's why we lost the Championship. Everyone is so young."

Some tout Jackson has a linebacker, he has the size, but he plays safety. More than playing safety, he is a natural safety and has limited experience at the linebacker position.

"I play safety, but has me listed as a linebacker. For one game I had to play linebacker, there was a package where I played linebacker and two other safeties in the back. Safety is my primary position. Everyone is recruiting me for safety."

What makes Jackson great as a safety is his vision. He can see the lay of the land, so to speak, from his position and that allows him to come up and make plays. Jackson admits he can get better in every area of his game though.

"I can see the field from my safety position. I also know the play, know the coverage and know the routes as they are coming at me. I could be better at everything."

Jackson is just about up to double-digit offers already. He is looking at some very important criteria when it comes to his college decision.

"I think that I have around eight offers. They are from Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Rice, Duke, Houston, Baylor, SMU and there is one more that I can't think of right now.

"I am thinking about the graduation percentage, the tradition that the school has for football, the coaching staff and I am sort of thinking about the location."

With eight offers on the table, no one in particular is standing out to Jackson over another. He really wants a chance to sit down with his family to talk about his options and who his favorites are.

"Right now, everyone is standing out to me. My family and I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk about it yet and we are going to do that later."

The Huskers have made an early impression on Jackson. Nebraska has been by the school to see him and Shaun Lewis, who also has a Nebraska offer, but Jackson also spoke about his opportunity to talk to the head coach at Nebraska.

"I like their school. They have a lot of tradition. I spoke to their head coach and I really liked him. I like their style of defense and they are someone that I would like to visit officially.

"Location is something that I will look at and it's about not going to a school that is too far away. Nebraska isn't too far away, but location is one of the least things that I am considering when it comes to picking out a school."

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