Nebraska reels in No. 4

There was a pretty good chance that Blue Springs, Missouri wide receiver Keeston Terry was going to make an early decision. But this is recruiting. You never know. Well, now we do as Terry, who after thinking a bit decided it was time to pull the trigger.

Following an interview we did with both Keeston Terry and Liberty, Missouri wide receiver Marcus Lucas, it was clear that both enjoyed their time in Lincoln as they came in for the Annual Red/White Game.

But Terry was obviously the most interested.

From the relationships he had developed with the coaches to finally seeing the place himself, Terry said that it didn't take long for Nebraska to really set in. "I honestly can't imagine any place getting any better than the whole experience I have had with Nebraska. From the coaches to the fans and the program itself, I don't think I could ask for anything more," Terry said. "I have been thinking about it, about a month now, and it basically came down to them and Kansas.

"I chose Nebraska."

One key to the actual decision and not necessarily the timing, was the relationship he developed with his now future position coach, Ted Gilmore. From the day those two first made contact Terry said that he could tell that this was a person who really understood. "He cared. He got to know me, asked how I was doing all the time, and it has just been a good relationship and really the biggest reason why I chose Nebraska," he said. "Combine that with everything else this just made too much sense. It was the perfect fit for me."

Some might assume that the offense might have played a bit in this, the Jayhawks running the true "spread" while Nebraska runs what is tabbed the "West Coast." One type of offense is more prototypical to what you see in the NFL, and the other one, the one down in Lawrence…not so much.

But that was barely a consideration for Terry. "It doesn't matter what offense you are in, if you can't catch, you won't get any balls. If you can't do your job, nobody will put you on the field. It's about executing and just working to get better," he said.

The inevitable question with any commit from out-of-state is how solid are they. Granted Terry isn't in Georgia, Texas or California. Heck, he's just three hours away. All those reasons above and that very reason right there is why Terry made his choice now, and he says you can forget him looking any other way. "Everything about Nebraska made sense, because of the relationship, but also because of where it's at. It's just a few hours away and everyone I know can see me play," he said.

"It's like I said before, though – I just can't imagine any school having something better than what Nebraska has. I can't think anything can get any better than that. I'm committed, and I am going to stay committed. Nebraska is where I want to be."

Terry finished his junior year with approximately 900 yards receiving with another 500 yards he added on the ground.

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