Gabbert nearing decision?

It's hard to call this a rush in recruiting. But that's the thing about commitments. One sometimes leads to another. Does that mean wide receiver Keeston Terry's pledge to the big red could be the start of a soon-to-be trend? Does that mean a quarterback recruit sees that and it helps his process along? Well, we asked one Husker recruit, a fellow Missouri native, quarterback Tyler Gabbert.

The back story to the Gabbert saga is a familiar enough one with Nebraska fans there's hardly any point rehashing what once was. Husker fans bristled a bit when former Husker commit Blaine Gabbart became a future Tiger. Hard to blame him at that point, though, what with Nebraska having a staff that for all intents and purposes was hanging in limbo.

But that as they say, is history.

And while Husker fans might not have exactly gushed when hearing the name Gabbert, there still remained a strong relationship between Nebraska Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Shawn Watson and the Gabbert family. It's one that Tyler, Blaine's younger brother and yet another Gabbert QB with a slew of offers, has found to be a great relationship which just keeps getting stronger.

"I really like Coach Pelini and Coach Watson. They are a couple of really nice guys and I obviously know Coach Watson pretty well from when my brother was being recruited by them," Tyler said. "So, I know that my dad and I feel very good about them and what they have going on in Lincoln."

It's no secret that Gabbert has liked Nebraska for some time. Aside from the familiarity with the program Gabbert says that he feels the team is going in the right direction. But recruiting is a process, much like any coach will tell you it is with building a team, and he says that he's been just playing the process out to see how things go. "I am basically just waiting for it to feel like it's the right situation for me. It's not that I don't have good feelings about some programs, but it's just one of those things where you have to be sure," he said.

Nebraska is one team that he says as of right now, is a team he has a good feeling about. "I'm not going to lie, Nebraska is way up there right now. I just know a lot about the program, and I really like the coaches who I have gotten to know," he said. "But there's still some more interest coming in, and again, it's just wanting to make sure about what want to do."

The recent attention comes in the form of a couple of offers, Oregon and Iowa State now adding to the list of offers Gabbert has, pushing his total into the double-digits. And both run the "Spread" offense which Gabbert likes. "I actually talked to the Oregon coaches today, and they have been recruiting me pretty good for awhile. So, the offer really wasn't completely out of the blue," he said.

Those offers may not alter his calendar much as Gabbert still maintains that this isn't a decision he wants to prolong. "I'd like to commit and then get out there and recruit. That's important to me," he said. "I still won't commit until it feels right, but I'd like to do it sooner rather than later."

One fellow Missouri player did just that, Blue Springs wide receiver Keeston Terry making his pledge to the big red. Gabbert said that he plans to call Terry to congratulate him, but as for the kind of impact he makes or any single player would make on him deciding on a school, there wouldn't be any. "Keeston is a big-time player, and I know he'll have success at Nebraska. But when I make my decision it will be solely based on what's best for me," he said. "I want to help recruit to wherever I go so we can get quality players, but that's not why I'll choose where I'll go."

The scuttlebutt is that Gabbert is close to a decision. Some say it's Nebraska and there's no place else anyone need to look. A smaller group thinks that he's Missouri bound. If Tyler knows he's not saying, and as for a timeframe, well, you already know how that will play out. "When it feels right that's when I'll do it. We'll just have to see how all of that goes," he said.

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