Huskers offer massive defensive tackle

Even though it's been well over a year since Bo Pelini took over at Nebraska, his name still carries clout around the state of Louisiana, a BCS National Championship will do that kind of thing. As we find out in this latest update, it could start to pay dividends on the recruiting trail for the Huskers.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing in at 288 pounds, Elliot Porter from Archbishop Shaw Jr. high school in Marrero (LA.) has always been the big kid at school. But now that size is starting to have its advantages, and could set him up for a bright future.

"Yeah, I've been pretty big my whole life, both my parents are over six feet tall. As I was coming up I was always the tallest kid so I played basketball. I was good too, I was one of the best players on our AAU teams, and I think it helped me with my footwork.

"When I first started playing football in the eighth grade I was a quarterback, believe it or not," laughed Porter. "But then I just started getting bigger and bigger, so I just started focusing on football and dropped the other sports. Now I see all this attention I'm getting because of it, and it could pay for my education in college, it's a dream come true."

I noticed on film you play the five technique (LDE) in a three man front in high school. What position do you see yourself in at the college level.

"We run a 3-3-5, our coaches got it from the University of West Virginia. Knowing that we're not the biggest team around weight wise, we have to run a different scheme. Matter of fact, I'm the biggest guy on the team. So our defense is run off of brains, it's about being in the right position at the right time. Our defense is based on technique, I'll put it like that. I play outside at the 5 tech now, but I'll probably move inside when I leave high school. I think I could play both in college honestly."

Many programs to this point have taken notice of his exploits on the gridiron and have made offers, while a few others stay in contact and could be close.

"I've been offered by Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, Florida International, Mississippi State, Texas Tech and now Nebraska. Those are the main ones. I've got about 14 total, but the others are just smaller schools. I've been hearing a lot from Alabama, LSU, Tennessee and a few other big schools too."

With several BCS offers already in hand, surprisingly his profile lists one of the smaller schools as an early leader.

"When I talked to the guy from Scout awhile back I told him I was high on Louisiana Tech, but now everybody is starting to even out."

Elliot then talked about the dilemma between picking a small college, or going with a major D-1 offer.

"Schools like Alabama, LSU, Texas Tech and Nebraska are great, but schools like Louisiana Tech could use a player like me too. I do know that Nebraska and Texas Tech need defensive linemen in this class. Those are the schools I want to put first because they need me.

"But the coaches at Louisiana Tech are looking to play me real early and tell me I could come in and probably start for them all four years. They have been recruiting me for a long time, and they recruit me harder than the others. That kind of thing makes you feel wanted, isn't that important? I mean a lot of kids go to the big schools and don't get drafted."

Asked if leaving his home state for college would be a problem, Elliot said getting out and experiencing something new sounds like a good idea.

"I really don't care where I go for school. I'm not that type of guy that needs to stay around the house. And another thing, New Orleans is not exactly a safe place, seeing something new might not be a bad idea. To be honest with you, I don't want to be anywhere near here. That's why my parents wouldn't be surprised if I pick a school like Nebraska, they know I'm ready to get out of here."

"Really I'm looking more at my education and playing time. You know, like who really needs me. My parents are real big on the education aspect, and so am I. What's important is the graduation rate, how many football players are actually getting their degree. Tutoring is also important, and what kind of help they have in that department."

Having been born and raised in the state of Louisiana, LSU is a school Elliot is familiar with. He also recently took a visit to Baton Rouge, along with another SEC power.

"I went to Alabama and LSU not too long ago on unofficial visits, you know, junior days and that kind of stuff. I had a good time at both schools. Alabama has good coaches and nice facilities, I liked it. My parents like Alabama a lot too. And LSU is LSU, they are a real good program. Both have a lot to offer."

So let's cut to the chase, if LSU offers tomorrow, do you commit?

"No, I'll put that on anything. I wouldn't commit, that's my word. LSU is a good school, but to be honest I wouldn't give them a quick yes. I went to their camp last year, and thought I did real good. They must not want me too bad if they haven't offered me by now. And I'm not going to sit around and wait on you.

"My dad is a big LSU fan, because my cousin played there back in the day, but he's not pushing me to go there. I like them too, but not to where I'd commit the next day if they offered."

But ironically, being from the Bayou could also be an advantage for the Huskers, as he was fully aware of the credentials of the head man in Lincoln.

"Oh yeah, I know they have Bo Pelini up there now. Everybody down here knows who Bo Pelini is and what he has done. He was the man at LSU, and had Glenn Dorsey. He's a great coach that knows a lot about defense, he was probably one of the best defensive coordinators there is. I know he could coach me up and make me a better player, and he is the main reason I have interest in Nebraska.

"I know they will be a big contender in the Big 12 from now on. Me and my dad have talked about that a lot. They have real good academics there too, Nebraska is high on my list. They have started recruiting down here a lot, I know they got that kid from John Curtis (P.J. Smith), and that other kid Khiry Cooper too."

Elliot only has plans to attend one camp this summer, but thinks that might be enough at this stage. He'll also hit the weight room as much as possible.

"I'm just going to chill and lift weights. I just want to get stronger over the summer, and stay on the weights, I just like to lift. I'm benching 385 right now and I can squat about 480. And I promise you I'll get to that 500 soon. I'm good at power cleans too, clean and jerks are my thing. I can get 330 up over my head.

"As far as camps, I know for sure I'm going to the camp at Ole Miss, it's a senior camp. That's the only one I know I'll be going too. That's pretty much it, I'm not really big on going to all these camps. I mean I have 14 offers, so what's the point. If a school wants to offer me they know where I'm at."

Elliot said he wants to wait and take as many official visits as he can, to get a better feel for the schools recruiting him, and would like to major in Agricultural Engineering. He also mentioned he'd like to hear more from the Husker staff, as he seemed to have sincere interest in the Nebraska program. Louisiana Tech has made him a top priority, and I do believe they are a legitimate contender. And when asked if anyone was close to offering, he stated "To be honest I think it's LSU". Big Red Report will continue to follow the recruitment of Elliot "Big Easy" Porter and bring you the information as it comes in.

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