Number one is still number one?

First visits stink. Anyone ever tell you that? If your college is the first visit for a recruit, if that college wasn't a childhood favorite or absolutely wowed them beyond belief, you can pretty much write them off. Well, sometimes there are those that go against the grain. Sometimes.

Adrain Turner-Terrell,TX (DB-5'10-185-4.5/40) When I last spoke with Adrain he had declared Nebraska his leader. Of course, he had just taken his visit there and the most recent visit tends to be favorable until the next visit comes around or time dulls the feelings. Not so with Adrain "Nebraska is still my leader, I have two visits left and then I'll be deciding."

This week Adrain will visit TCU and next week he will visit Arkansas "I would expect to know where I'm going right after the Arkansas visit. No need to draw this out." So another top athlete will be making his decision before the February deadline.

Adrain is also very up to date on current recruiting situations at the schools he's looking at. When we talked about Nebraska he mentioned the Joe Dailey commit which happened 2 days prior to our conversation. He also was aware of other CB recruits Nebraska had offered, specifically Mike Jenkins "When I was up there I talk to Fabian about Mike. Just to see if he thought he was going to go to Nebraska. I'm not afraid of competition, but I don't want do go to a school were I'm buried on the depth chart either." Adrain did go on to say the he didn't think Jenkins was going to be a Husker and that was another reason he was considering Nebraska.

Now that Adrain is fully qualified (Recent development, with his passing of the ACT) Northwestern and Oklahoma have been in contact with Turner. "I'm not going to say that if they offered I wouldn't visit either of those schools. But as it stands right now Arkansas is my last visit and I will decide shortly after that."

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