Huskers in the mix for west coast linebacker

In an effort to add athleticism to their linebacker unit, the Huskers made an offer to a tackling machine from the state of California. Find out what Nebraska's chances are in this exclusive update with Big Red Report.

When you register over 180 tackles in a season, calling you productive would be an understatement. But for Victor Burnett, out of Culver City high school in California, it's just his job.

"That's what backers are supposed to do, make tackles. I'm a penetrating linebacker that likes to attack the line of scrimmage. I love contact number one, and I play sideline to sideline. When you do those kinds of things you end up making a lot of tackles. I had 182 tackles last year and that was a school record. With that combined with my 10th grade year, I've broken the all-time school record too.

"That's why they can put me at any of the linebacker spots. We run a 3-4 defense, so they line me up everywhere, I'm versatile at linebacker. You know how they do it, he's too slow so let's put him inside or he's not big enough, put him on the outside. The way I play, I mean, I can fit in either scheme. I can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4, at inside or outside."

The 6-foot-1, 225-pounder also posted double-digit sacks as a junior.

"When we do film study we see certain plays. Then when we get in a game I read the play first, and if it's a certain play I just start blitzing. Or if we are in cover one and the will linebacker takes the running back, I'll have the quarterback on spy. If he starts holding the ball too long, I come on the blitz. That's how I get a lot of sacks, I had 10 last year. We try to keep the opposing offenses guessing. They send me on blitzes, drop me back in coverage, they even stick me out on a receiver man-to-man."

And while linebacker may be his main position, Victor will see snaps at others his senior year.

"I play in our goal line offense. They line me up at fullback when they need me to block, and running back. I also play tight end in our goal line package. I might play some special teams this year."

With offers already on the table from Nebraska, Arizona, Arizona State, California, Washington, Washington State among others, finding a place to play D-1 football won't be a problem. But Victor says making that choice will be.

"I have a lot of offers, but I don't know a lot about the schools yet. Right now I couldn't tell you who it will be. I'll use this summer to do my research on the schools that offer me."

Victor has played multiple sports most of his life, and while football and track have now become his focus, another sport is starting to grow on him.

"When I was coming up I played football and basketball. I've been playing football since the fifth grade, so that's seven years. In high school now I play football, basketball, and track and now I'm playing golf. I've also been golfing a lot with my dad too, mostly for fun. I'm pretty good on our course at school."

Being a homegrown kid from California, you would think his favorite team growing up would be one of the home state powers. But Victor says he rooted for an east coast program.

"My favorite college team? It was actually Miami, I have a lot of family down there in Florida. I was also a big fan of Ray Lewis."

Would an offer from the Hurricanes result in you shutting down your recruitment?

"Honestly, it's not like that. I still need to look further into the schools before I actually select one."

Victor stated his offer from Nebraska was very recent, but he had been receiving mail for quite some time.

"Nebraska has been recruiting me since the beginning of my 11th grade year. When letters started coming in from schools, Nebraska was one of the first ones coming in. I was getting information about Nebraska about every two weeks. So then I knew Nebraska was in the loop.

"That's how I knew Nebraska was feeling me, and then I saw them at my school last week. Then when I got the offer, I was still kind of shocked because I wasn't expecting it at that point in time. I figured they would offer me down the road. But I just got it in the mail today."

At this early stage in the process, do you know anything about Nebraska football?

"I know it's a big-time program. Since I was a fan of Miami I saw them play in the Rose Bowl. Even though it wasn't a close game I still remember them playing in it. I know they won a bunch of National Championships in the 90's. I also heard they had like 77,000 at the spring game, and they have a lot of Academic All-Americans. They've also had like 60 NFL draft picks since 1997."

As of now, Victor was unsure of whom he might officially visit this fall, but he was certain he will wait it out before making a commitment.

"I want to take all my officials. I see this as the only chance I get to go through this. Why not take the opportunity to take all five officials to see and meet great people? When I go on the visit I'll be able to learn things I didn't see on the internet. I won't be committing anytime soon."

Do you see Nebraska as a school you would like to visit officially?

"It's kind of too early to tell. But at the same time, Nebraska is a school that I'm really considering. It's a big-time program that's high on academics. And I can see their fans are very supportive. That's really an eye-opener for a guy like me."

Ultimately, what are you looking for in a college program?

"An intense coaching staff, a good college environment on campus and strong academics. Just somewhere that I can feel comfortable."

Finally, Victor was asked if leaving the area for school was plausible, or if staying closer to home was a better idea.

"It really doesn't matter to me. I just want to go to the place I'm going to get better with my skills, where I'm going to progress. I want to be on a team that competes, that will give us a chance to go to the big show. I'm wide open on location, everybody is an option."

Victor has attended practices at UCLA and Southern Cal. His only other plans this summer are to participate in the Rising Stars camp at USC. When asked if there was any offer out there that would cause him to commit on the spot, he didn't hesitate when saying "no". Victor is strong in the classroom as well, with a 3.1 GPA, so qualifying will not be an issue. Big Red Report will touch base again with Victor during the summer to check in on his recruitment.

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