Still a commit?

It's a constant trend, recruits who become commits who keep getting recruited. And for some that's just fine with them. Current Missouri commit Marquise Hill is one of them, but this standout wide receiver said he's still a commit…for now.

Trinity Catholic (St. Louis, MO) wide receiver Marquise Hill committed to Missouri back in January. That means before the class from the previous year even signed, he pledged to be part of the next one for the Tigers.

Hard to blame the Show-Me-State star as Missouri has had one of the more potent offenses in the country the past few years, and athletes like him who go around six-foot tall who can run like the blazes, have found themselves often in an ideal situation to make plays.

But that was then. This is now. And Hill said that the funniest part about his recruiting is that since he committed he's gotten more attention than he ever got before. "Yeah, that's how it's been. Teams I never really talked to before have been sending me letters and I have been getting offers, too," Hill said, noting the dozen he has right now, including two offers from the Big Ten, Michigan State and Iowa both saying they want him.

Of course Nebraska is on that list as well, Hill visiting Nebraska not even two weeks after he said he'd play his college days at Missouri. It's the recent attention from that conference which has surprised him though. "I was never recruited by teams in the Big Ten, but here they come, both offering me scholarships," he said. "And I heard Oklahoma is going to come by the school, too."

With Oklahoma's traditional success, Hill said that they are obviously a team that if they are looking at him, he's going to look right back. "You hear Oklahoma or Florida, those are schools you have to look at. They are two of the best programs in the country," Hill said.

Hill said it's about fit when asked of why he's still committed and yet taking visits to places like Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas. He maintains that he knows why he chose Missouri, but said that he doesn't know if he gave the other schools a chance to show they that had the same thing or maybe better. It's about options, Hill says, and the more the better. "All these schools are different, but I don't know what's different unless I seen it for myself. I don't know exactly what the best situation is for me," he said.

But that commit is still just that, a commit, and Hill said that he may take more visits, talk to more schools and more than likely will get more offers. But before he does anything definite he'll let his initial school know. "When I told them about looking around the coaches at Missouri were cool about it. They didn't say I couldn't do it. So that tells me they believe in what they have there," Hill said.

"And I told them that if I changed my mind they would hear it from me first before any other place."

As for favorites, well, it's kind of hard to have some when you still consider yourself a commit to a team. Of Nebraska Hill said he liked the all-football mind-set he thought there was in Lincoln, and said that he got along with the coaches very well. But trying to narrow a list down when your list is supposedly still just one team?

Nope, not going to happen.

"I'm just looking around. Like I said, I am still a commit to Missouri, but I owe it to myself to make sure I have checked out as many places as I can to be as sure as I can," he said. "I guess we'll just have to see how it all goes."

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