New QB target emerges for the Huskers

So far, Nebraska has had a nice start to their '10 recruiting class. But like other programs, getting a topnotch signal caller is still a major priority for the Huskers. Big Red Report recently touched base with a dual threat quarterback that has the Huskers high on his list.

As Nebraska looks to add a playmaker at the quarterback position for their recruiting class, the name Sean Robinson has surfaced. Sean, from Rochester (IL), says he was pleasantly surprised when the interest from the Huskers began, and went on to talk about how it all got started.

"It's been really wild! I guess my highlight film helped a lot, it started to make the rounds, and coach Watson got a call about me. Then coach Watson called my coach up and told him someone he trusted had told him about me. After coach Watson got my tape he watched it, then took it up to coach Pelini and I guess he liked it too. That was the middle of last week.

"We don't have spring ball, but I do a workout every day after school. I lift, and then throw balls to my receivers. They flew coach Watson out on a private plane to watch my workout, he flew right into Rochester. Then I called coach Pelini the next day and he offered me, and it was very exciting to hear that."

Sean also spoke highly about his lead recruiter from Nebraska, and his thoughts on him as a possible position coach.

"Coach Watson is recruiting me, and we get along great. I know he has a lot of experience in Illinois and has been around for awhile, he used to coach at Southern Illinois, Northwestern and Illinois if I remember correctly. He also grew up in the same area as my family down in southern Illinois. I really like him a lot, he is my type of guy.

"You know, I'm not from a very big town and you've got your cowboys and country kids around here. He came to my school last week with his cowboy boots on, and really fit it. That's the kind of stuff I like, he's just a regular guy."

The real question, why is a guy that was born and raised in Illinois so jacked about getting an offer from Nebraska?

"I don't know if this is good to put on a Nebraska website, but I've always been a LSU fan. I'm not a nutcase fan or anything, but I've always liked them. So I've been a really big Bo Pelini fan for a long time, and my dad has too. We both follow LSU, so we know all the things he did while he was down there. I remember when he went to Nebraska, and we've just followed him since then.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think all this would happen. So then it was pretty cool to be on the phone with him telling me I have an offer to play for him."

And I know what some of you may be thinking, does this mean he's headed to LSU if they get in the picture?

"No, no way. That's not how it is with me. That was my favorite team as a kid, but that won't play a role at all. That's just a team I've followed over the years. Now I've started just following quarterbacks more. I loved watching JaMarcus Russell, Matt Ryan and Tim Tebow. I'm a huge Tebow fan, and I think my game is a lot like his. He is the real deal."

But don't think for a minute, just because Sean pulled for a SEC power, he doesn't have a little knowledge about the Nebraska program too.

"I know they were the powerhouse team of the 90's, they were great for a lot of years, and they play big-time football there. It's just one of those programs that has a big-time feel too, with some serious tradition to it. My coach and older brother were telling me the other day how good they've been over the years. It's a big deal to get an offer from them."

How long have you been playing football, and what other sports have you partaken in?

"I've been playing football since the 3rd grade, so I have been playing for awhile. All the way up to my freshman year I did football, baseball, basketball and track. In track I competed in the long jump, 200, and 400. I think my best time in the 200 was around 24 seconds that was in the eighth grade. I stopped playing baseball in the eighth grade too. I know John Elway did it," laughed Robinson. "But I hated going back and forth between the two. My senior year I'm going to play just basketball and football."

Who else has offered you to this point?

"I've got over 20 offers now, but some are smaller schools. The bigger schools who've offered me are Nebraska, Purdue, Washington State, Iowa, Iowa State, Wisconsin, Kansas, Syracuse, Boston College and Northwestern. Washington State has probably been recruiting me the longest."

For those that follow recruiting, getting actual height, weight and speed numbers on a high school player can be daunting. But Sean says you can take his numbers to the bank. He also spoke a little bit about his skill sets on the football field.

"I'm a legitimate 6-foot-5, and I just weighed myself today, and I'm up to 210 now. I recently ran a 4.53 forty outside the other day on grass, so I can move. My freshman and sophomore years I started at wide receiver. Then our quarterback left, and went to Western Illinois, then I took over the quarterback spot my junior year.

"I'd say my arm strength and running ability are my strong points. I have a highlight tape out there, but I'm mostly running. We have another one coming out that has me throwing a lot. I'm not shy about throwing the football and I just want coaches to see that. I can make all the throws the pro-style quarterbacks can make, just like the Blake Bell's of the world."

Sean then talked about what type of offense he's looking for at the college level.

"It would be easy for me to transfer to a shotgun spread type like I run now. But I wouldn't mind taking some snaps under center too. I know Nebraska runs a lot of the same stuff we do now. Nebraska likes to run a lot of the same stuff just using different formations and they go under center, and I've even been working on my drop steps this summer."

Depending on what part of the United States you grew up in, favoring a certain conference is common for high school players. But even though Sean is in the middle of Big 10 country, leaving the area won't be a problem.

"I want to play in the best conference in America. My goal has always been to play college football, but staying around here or in the Big 10 won't influence my decision. There are a lot of great teams in the Big 12. The SEC and Pac 10 have their good teams too. But there just seems like there are a lot of really good Big 12 teams. I know a lot of the top offenses in the country are in the Big 12, it's a scoring league.

"Location kind of mattered to my mom at first, but my dad has no problem with it, they are retired now. He wants to live where I'm playing during the season then move back home during the offseason. So location won't be a factor at all."

What about timeframe, do you see yourself waiting things out? Or does losing your spot at a school you really like concern you?

"That's the thing I'm caught up on now. There was a kid from Illinois who was hot for Arizona, but some other kid took his spot so he went ahead and committed to Illinois. So that is definitely in the back on my mind, and that's why I plan on making my decision pretty soon, before my senior season.

"I think that would be the best for me and my family. Whenever I feel its right, I'm going to make a decision."

Sean said he only has preliminary plans for the summer to take unofficial visits to some of the colleges that have extended offers. But there is at least one school he plans on seeing in the very near future.

"I haven't told coach Watson yet, I'm going to call him on Monday. But I'm definitely coming to Lincoln next weekend to visit. I might visit Purdue after that and maybe Kansas while I'm out at Nebraska."

Lastly, Sean was asked to comment on what he is looking for in a program. While a lot of kids mention all the bells and whistles, Sean was pretty matter-of-fact about what he is looking for.

"It's plain and simple with me, it's about trust and loyalty. Facilities are great, but a 45 pound weight weighs 45 pounds everywhere. I want to feel like I'm around people that are trustworthy, because I'll be there for four or five years of my life and it does affect the rest of my life. So I want to be with people that have my back when times aren't so good."

Sean feels that Notre Dame, Louisville and Oregon could be close to offering. Last year, as a first year starter at QB, Sean put up almost 3000 total yards and scored 24 touchdowns. When asked what major he was considering for college, he said "I want to be a coach some day, so whatever that involves." Big Red Report will have an update on Sean following his unofficial visit to Lincoln in the coming weeks. Stay with us as we bring you the information on his recruitment as it unfolds.

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